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Jun 19, 2007 01:46 PM

Aurora / Ghost Bar

Has anyone tried Aurora lately ? I only have two nights in Dallas , would these two be good choices ? All relies are appreciated .

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  1. Aurora is a fantastic place to eat. To me, service is great right down to the free pouring of Voss Water. It's pricey, but worth it. Ghost Bar is an ok choice too. It really seems to be hit or miss lately on the crowds.

    1. I was underwhelmed by Aurora. It's terribly expensive and Avner Samuel is a bit of a diva and he bugs me to a certain degree. Plus, I am not a huge eater and yet I left hungry.

      I prefer Lola or the Tasting Room at Lola. The French Room at the Adolphus is another wonderful place for a fantastic splurge dinner. Lola has some of the best wine values in town. The French Room can't be beat if you are looking for a romantic atmosphere.

      If you are looking for a scene type place, Hibiscus is a great place for dinner that also has a pretty hopping bar scene.

      As for Ghost Bar, I wouldn't set foot in any place with a $10 mandatory valet charge plus $10 admission. I'd go big in NYC, but, realistically, there's nobody in Dallas that's that cool.

      1. Aurora is a joke. Portions are tiny, and I mean this must be candid camera tiny. Food is ok, service was good but not great. Go to Bijioux, the mansion, york street or lola, in that order, if you want something better.

        Ghost bar is not a place to eat--so if you want another meal thats a ghost bar experience, Id suggest N9ne. Its has perhaps the best steaks in dallas, great sides, huge portions and great desserts. You can go to ghost bar afterwards for free too if you present your N9ne tab. If you like sushi, Kenichi is also right there and very good.

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          Don't go to The Mansion until the renovation is complete. They aren't in the dining room proper right now and only have a few tables. It's not that you wouldn't want to eat there, but its' not really destination dining for the next couple of months.

          1. re: dalaimama

            If you want great food and fun bar scene try Dragon Fly, Neighbor's went last week and said the Bone in rib-eye was best ever. We have been 3 time in the last couple of years and always loved it.