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heading to GILROY OUTLETS, where to eat, preferably non-chain but if so, then not applebys =) [moved from SF Bay Area board]

hi all =)

heading to gilroy outlets soon to do some serious shopping... we'll be out there for the entire day into evening...

any ideas where to go and refuel our stomachs?!?!? =)

i would prefer a yummy non-chain... BUT i'm not averse to chains... so if ti's our last resort out there, then i won't gasp in shock... my only preference if it is a chain is that it NOT be appleby's as whenever we hit up the gilroy outlets, we end up at appleby's.. which is good.. but i want variety... =)

oh and after our long excursion shopping, we'll be heading back up to the bay proper... but i know we'll be hungry, but knowing us we won't have the patience to DRIVE "far" from gilroy just to eat dinner... (so please no sj recs....)

also out of curiosity, how far is casa de fruta from the gilroy outlets???


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  1. Technically a mini chain, but I always hit Super Taqueria when I'm in Gilroy.

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      The Super Taqueria on 15840 Monterey Street, just north of Tenant Avenue exit off U.S. 101, in Morgan Hill has a cabeza special on the weekend. Try the super taco.

    2. There is also an In n Out just outside of the outlet mall area, a chain I know, but a pretty good chain.

      1. thanks!!! =) i do love in n out =) i'm thinking more along the lines of a sitdown place....

        1. this is the post that got moved from the sf board to the ca board.. which apparently should go back to the sf board... thanks!

          1. i know the following is an old post: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/20364...

            but has anyone tried trail dust or tashi lately??? like in the past year?!?!?!

            is this doable after a day at the outlets???

            thanks melanie for fixing the post!

            1. CDF is about 20 min from the oulets, depending on traffic. Take hiway 120 from Gilroy. Watch out for cross traffic turning left in front of you at junction of 156, 2 mi west of CDF. The last few times we went though, traffic was doing a voluntary you-go / I-go at this congested uncontrolled intersection. Nice!

              Many, many brands of hot sauce and about a skazillion kinds of candies nuts and dried fruits. Melons are good in high summer, and garlic is good in the summer and fall. Not too many exotic varieties of fruits, but lots of it. Lots of old farm equip, mini-train for the kiddies, etc. A good leg-stretching spot for us before heading over the pass to travel north on 5.

              There must be some good Mexican food in old town Gilroy:

              Take the old Monterey Highway off of 101 in Morgan Hill going south to the outlets. You will pass through the old downtowns of Morgan Hill and Gilroy. You should see most of the non-chain restaurants there. Most chains cluster at the freeway and the regional shopping centers near it.

              1. While I haven't seen any recent reports, El Siete Mares in Gilroy was listed in the Chowhound guide. I haven't tried it, but it's worth a shot if it's still around. We went to the outlets recently and noticed a very crowded taco place on First St. just west of the outlets as you head towards the 152. Sorry, didn't get the name.

                Here's a Gilroy guide w/ El Siete Mares' contact info:

                Please report back!

                1. A friend of mine recently ate at a restaurant called Harvest Time she really enjoyed the food. It is on Monterey Street in Gilroy so not to far from the outlets.

                  1. here's my review...

                    we wanted to go to harvest time in gilroy.. BUT nobody seemd to know where it was... and i kept calling them and nobody answered the phone... i was a bit disappointed...

                    we ended up at some place called ginger cafe... which is in the outlet area across from home depot...

                    we ordered sizzling rice soup, fried imperial rolls, garlic chicken, sticky rice, and some stir fry beef in peanut satay sauce.

                    they only had 3 imperial rolls left instead of the 4 that is supposed to come with the dish... they wanted to know if we still wanted it. i said yes if they lower the price. they didn't give it to us.

                    i usually don't add soy sauce to my soups. but it lacked flavor so i did. once i added the soy sauce, it was fine.

                    the sticky rice was *gasp* hard and cold. ick.

                    the satay beef looked like stroganoff sauce but tasted really weird... i only ate a little of it. the texture of the beef was nice and soft, but the sauce was not good at all. i had the feeling that peanut satay sauce should only be used as a condiment... not as a sauce for a whole dish...

                    i admit i enjoyed the garlic chicken. it was good... i don't think it was because i was disappointed at the rest of the stuff. it was actually good.

                    so in all, if you go to ginger cafe, don't get what we ordered except for the garlic chickenn... hahahah

                    i'll have to figure out harvest time on a next trip....

                    the day wasn't lost though, i ended up buying not 1 but 2 coach purses from the outlet store! ;P hahahaha

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                      Thanks for the follow up; at least the purses were a consolation. I was curious about Ginger Cafe, but based on your review, I don't think I will ever bother. How odd that they didn't give you the last few rolls for a reduced price.

                      Here's an old Metro review for Harvest Time w/ the address at the bottom:

                      Harvest Time Restaurant
                      7397 Monterey St, Gilroy, CA 95020

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                        Thanks for the update!! It's too bad you couldn't fid Harvest Time I though the menu looked appealing! Oh well there is always next time right. If I get there before you I'll do a write up!

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                          Best Asian food near the Gilroy outlet mall is the Tung Kee Noodle house (actually called Luu Noodle), technically a chain, but a small regional one. You'd go one offramp south of the Gilroy mall on Highway 101--I believe it's the Highway 152 East/10th Ave. offramp, turn left, go over the freeway and it's in the giant shopping center on your right. It's the same Chinese/Vietnamese noodle house fare you get in their locations throughout the South Bay.