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Jun 19, 2007 01:16 PM

heading to GILROY OUTLETS, where to eat, preferably non-chain but if so, then not applebys =) [moved from SF Bay Area board]

hi all =)

heading to gilroy outlets soon to do some serious shopping... we'll be out there for the entire day into evening...

any ideas where to go and refuel our stomachs?!?!? =)

i would prefer a yummy non-chain... BUT i'm not averse to chains... so if ti's our last resort out there, then i won't gasp in shock... my only preference if it is a chain is that it NOT be appleby's as whenever we hit up the gilroy outlets, we end up at appleby's.. which is good.. but i want variety... =)

oh and after our long excursion shopping, we'll be heading back up to the bay proper... but i know we'll be hungry, but knowing us we won't have the patience to DRIVE "far" from gilroy just to eat dinner... (so please no sj recs....)

also out of curiosity, how far is casa de fruta from the gilroy outlets???


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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Technically a mini chain, but I always hit Super Taqueria when I'm in Gilroy.

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        The Super Taqueria on 15840 Monterey Street, just north of Tenant Avenue exit off U.S. 101, in Morgan Hill has a cabeza special on the weekend. Try the super taco.

      2. There is also an In n Out just outside of the outlet mall area, a chain I know, but a pretty good chain.

        1. thanks!!! =) i do love in n out =) i'm thinking more along the lines of a sitdown place....

          1. this is the post that got moved from the sf board to the ca board.. which apparently should go back to the sf board... thanks!