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Jun 19, 2007 01:14 PM

Good Place for Dinner in Hollywood Area

So a few friends of mine, and I, are gathering for dinner to catch up and have a good time. Hollywood/West Hollywood seems to be the best area since we all live around it. I'm looking for someplace that has good food, good ambiance and that has a late 20s early 30s crowd.

Even though I've lived in this city forever, I'm blanking on places in that area. I'm also moving away from CA and would like to go somewhere that will make leaving LA harder.


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    1. The Belmont on La Cienega is a lot of fun.

          1. re: bruinike

            I like both Hungry Cat and Citizen Smith. Depends on what you're looking for in terms of ambience and menu. HC has better food, CS draws more of the 20's/30's crowd. HC is almost entirely seafood, CS is comfort food. Both are very close to the Cahuenga Corridor (in fact, Citizen Smith is ON Cahuenga), whereas Ammo is on Highland.

            Here's Hungry Cat's menu:

            If you're looking for the type of place to have dinner and then loiter while you have lots of drinks, then I say Citizen Smith. If you plan on having dinner first and then meandering to a club, then I I say eat at Hungry Cat.

            I've done both in the same night; food and cocktails at Hungry Cat, then lounged at Citizen Smith (which was part of a pubcrawl that encompassed Big Wangs and Velvet Margarita and Star Shoes and...)

          2. Agree w/ Hungry Cat and Citizen Smith recs.

            Also, like AOC for groups as well as Cobras and Matadors.