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Jun 19, 2007 12:55 PM

Small wine fridge

I'm looking at the Haier 18-Bottle Dual Storage Wine Cellar. Our primary storage is taken care of, we need something closer to kitchen/family room for everyday access. What appeals to me on this one is separate controls for red and white compartments. I also looked at a similar one from Danby. Only drawback on the Danby is that each compartment has pre-set ranges for red or white and the red compartment is the smaller of the two. The Haier seems to have the ability for you to set each compartment for the full temp. ranges which makes it more vesatile for our needs.
Does anyone have additional info on the Haier? I've read the other CH threads on the topic and other Haier models seem to have mixed reviews. TIA!

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  1. I have a 36 bottle dual zone Haier. About 2 years old, no mechanical problems so far. Happy with the controls and performance. I think we paid around $399 for this model. My only complaint is that the racking does not accommodate a slightly oversize bottle at all, except on the top shelf. This is a problem for some of the local CA PNs and some of my French selections. In essence, I have to keep them in an alternative storage unit.

    If you can manage, take an empty bottle (a little oversize) to the store and try it out in the unit you are considering.

    1. Take the racks out and stack bottles for extra capacity or odd sizes.

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        That would work, but I just keep the larger bottles in a seperate unit in another room. If I had known this shortcoming before buying, I would have kept looking, but it is not a major problem if you have multiple units. I seem to find plenty of wine that does fit in the racks.

      2. I considered purchasing a Haier as a gift for my sommelier b.f. (should have just asked him for recs!).. but read so many terrible reviews on it that I passed. I read the company was a little obnoxious about mechanical problems, as well. And I, too, was looking at the 18 bottle storage.