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Jun 19, 2007 12:51 PM

Looking for Philly BYOB Where 2 Can Eat for $70 or less

I know there are lots of threads on here rating BYOBS, but not many of them mention cost. Since many of the highly-rated BYOBs don't have their own websites with menu postings (or the online menus don't list prices), I'm in the dark about how expensive they are.

I'm looking for a spot where we can celebrate our anniversary. We don't want to spend more than $70, including tax and tip. We're open to any neighborhood and any kind of cuisine, as long as the food is high quality. One of us only eats fish and veggie options - no beef, chicken or pork. We're particularly fond of places that feature local, seasonal ingredients.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Porcini and LaViola come to mind. Both are noisy at full capacity and the tables are packed closely together (Porcini less than LaViola); by choosing carefully, you can eat well at $70 for two before tip. Italian is always a good option for non-meat eaters. Come to think of it, Raddichio might be another good option.

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      If you choose the new La Viola (which is directly across the street from the old place), you'll find that the tables are nicely spaced. Part of Porcini's charm is that it is very tight.

      Turning to the query, you can do dinner for about $70 at the vast majority of the BYOBs in the city if you order carefully. I can think of only a handful where you have to go much over that. Typically, entrees are in the high teens to low twenties. If you share an appetizer and a dessert for another $10 or so, you're probably not going to go much over $70, including tax and tip.

    2. Chloe, for sure. I don't eat meat/chicken, either, and there are quite a few delicious options for me. (But they don't take reservations. If you get there early or late-ish you should be fine. We often go around 8:30/9:00 on a week night and never have a problem.)

      1. Dimitri's seems like it would be right up your alley. It's inexpensive, BYO, and they focus on seafood. It's at 3rd and Catherine.

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          I second the recommendaton for Dmitri's on 3rd and Catherine Sts. for amazingly fresh and superbly good food at low prices... My fiance and I are on a tight budget but go their at least once a week and pay no more than $60 (including tip) and we order PLENTY of food! An added bonus is that it is a BYO so bring a bottle of your favorite wine and enjoy! You will find it hard to resist not to go back every week!! Fresh fish, great veggie options, and pasta, too! Try it and I assure you, it will become addicting... Enjoy!

          1. re: jandrewmanne

            Dmitri's is a great choice.

            Another BYOB we recently stumbled upon was Effie''s at 12th and Pine, and when we went had very tasty Greek food. Very reasonably priced, and the staff was extremely welcoming and kind. The mousaka was delicious.

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              To add onto the above comment -- In the summer, when Effie's courtyard and carriage house are open, the atmosphere back there is very romantic. I think it's a lovely spot for a not-too-expensive anniversary dinner.

        2. We ate at Salento on the south side of Walnut in the 2200 block on Tuesday. Three of us had appetizer and pasta courses with a $50 bill. The chef's focus is on the dishes of his native Puglia so there is fish, shrimp and vegetables. We loved it, particularly since it is a BYOB. Highly recommend the antipasta pugliase.

          1. I just posted elsewhere about the Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille in Southampton, PA (off Street Rd near NE Philly) which is excellent. I'd recommend checking it out.

            Blue Sage Vegetarian Grille
            772 2nd Street Pike, Southampton, PA 18966