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Need a seafood, steak, and drinks place for Monday night - Middletown, NJ area

Matawan area - ISO good seafood,meat and drinks
A group of 5 women get to ditch kids and all and trip the light fantastic on a Monday night. (8PM, really late!) We want a place that has choices - seafood, and steaks or other meats, and some of us want drinks. We are looking between Matawan and Shrewsbury. So far, thinking of Salt Creek Grille, and maybe JavaMoonCafe, but I don't think that has drinks. We were even looking at JakeaBob's because we heard some specialties good, but I want a nicer atmosphere. Any other suggestions?

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  1. Ok there is a place that looks nice on 35 No, around Eatontown, too far? Has one name like "Michael's" or something, help me out Hounds. Looks very pretty, is litup at night. ALso, is Manhattan Steahouse (I think its Shrewsbury) anygood? If u want to go to the Highlands, check out www.inletcafe.com, good food fun place.

    1. I think Manhattan Steakhouse is a good option. It's on 35 North, in Oakhurst. We had one dinner there -- good food and nice atmospherics -- but that was in 2001, shortly after they first opened. However, bgut1 has had more recent experiences, he likes the place, and I trust his judgment.


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        Would like to stay a bit closer if possible. Thank you for suggestions and I have looked at the websites. Please,keep suggestions coming. Does anyone have comments on Salt Creek Grille and JavaMoonCafe? Thanks.

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          JavaMoon is more of a lunch place does large salads and sandwiches and has no liq. lic. Doesn't sound like what you are looking for. Salt Creek Grille is a nice choice but can get pricey - food is decent enough nothing special but has more the type of atmosphere i think you are looking for. But you say you want to travel b/w Matawan and Shrewsbury... Salt Creek Grille is on the Navesink in Rumson. What about something in Red Bank?

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            That would work I was just trying to specify a general area. Hazlet, Holmdel, Atlantic (Highlands), um any places around . Just don't want to drive too far back home.

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              Try Neil's Original Oyster in Highlands!! You won't be dissapointed.

      2. What about Basil Tee's in Red Bank? I have met friends there for cocktails plenty of times.

        Salt Creek Grill is just o.k. in my book. Java Moon is making me yawn right now.

        Teak in Red Bank has a fun atmosphere, too for all you chicks :) :)


        please read all the numeorus posts on that land of unpar restaurants.

        Have fun!

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          While I would stay far away from Basil T's, I agree completely with Angelina's recomendation of Teak. Its a perfect place to meet for drinks. It has a fun atmosphere, nice decor, and the food is good to boot (assuming you like pan-asian/fusion food). Check out the site here to get a good idea of the restaurant and the menu - http://www.teakrestaurant.com/ Good luck and enjoy your night out.

        2. Big difference between Java Moon and Salt Creek Grill...I would not recommend the Java Moon for a girl's night out dinner. The Salt Creek is nice, however as someone pointed out it could get expensive. A fun place, with good food including both beef (great burgers) and seafood, and a fair price is The Pour House, Shrewsbury Avenue in Tinton Falls. Barnacle's Bills in Rumson may be another place to check out.

          1. Thanks Angelina - is the food good at TEAK? I wanna drink some, and EAT! Only a drink or 2, not a scene - going home to, you know, hubby and kids. I just want to enjoy my time without them!

            RobertinRedBank- I ate lunch at the Pour House w/ my son once while car was being serviced. Do they serve stuff other than burgers? I think I want a steak or seafood, or the option of seafood appetizer, no burgers. From what I read somewhere, Barnacle Bill's is sort of a bar place w/burgers. Am I correct? I want to go to a place I wouldn't usually go to. Hope you have suggestions. Thanks

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              Hi Tee Dee! The food is quite good at Teak as my pal, bgut, has also said. When I do go, we usually order a bunch of different appetizers/small plates and share. Really good and they do serve alcohol. Follow the link posted above by bgut and check out the menu. It definately would be a nice difference compared to every other place out there.

              Barnacle Bill's is a burger/beer place. I still really enjoy the burgers, but I would'nt suggest for a girl's night out. (Sorry, Robert in Red Bank..us chicks know what we want!! ha ha ha)

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                Yes you are probably correct Angelina, however I was trying to hit something in between the Java Moon and Salt Creek that had beef and seafood and they popped into my head. Actually I have seen many tables of ladies at both places, but maybe they weren't chicks.

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                  Hey I am a chick! ha ha ..your post made me laugh! Thanks so much :)

                  Have a great day, Robert!

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                The Pour House has steaks and seafood, basic but good and a fair price. Barnacles is somewhat similiar with a little more seafood on the menu. Again, good food at a reasonable price.

                As another posted below, Danny's in Red Bank on Bridge Avenue across from the Galleria has decent steaks and seafood. Price is in the upper-mid/lower-high range.

              3. Trying to think of a place to help you out. You say Middletown area, and I have never been to this restaurant and don't know anything about it other than it takes the place of Redheads in the Union Square Mall, just north of Red Bank on 35. Seems like a place that is not to upscale, and a place where you can get a little boisterous. Maybe some other posters have some thoughts on it.
                Will keep trying to think of other places to suggest.

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                  Salt Creek isn't bad actually but I prefer it for appetizers and drinks at a table in the bar area. You could also try Nauvoo Grill in Fair Haven.

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                    While Nauvoo Grill has a dynamite space, unfortunately, the food is mediocre.

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                    solid suggestion peril. Dh & I have enjoyed several meals at Midtown with out of town friends. Steaks are consistently delicious. Atmosphere tends to be couples tho...

                  3. monday night makes it tough..............skip basil T's,salt creek and Java Moon............................,Sugar Shack(ultra casual..and fun) in highlands...............Pour House is fun..................reasonable.........................

                    1. How about Drew's Bayshore Bistro in Keyport, or Anna's Italian Kitchen in Middletown. Both are BYOB. My wife loves the steak at Anna's.

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                        If you haven't been to either of Milkf's suggestions and don't mind bringing your vino both places are terrific for a gals night out. Call ahead for specials and reservations tho.

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                          Java Moon is byob, Salt Creek is gross -- loud and mediocre food. try inletcafe in highlands.

                      2. Nver been but have heard good things about Danny's in Red Bank


                        1. I moved from that area almost 4 years ago but some of the restaurants I would recommend are Red (www.rednj.com) , Buona Sera (dancing upstairs but I don't know whick nights), Teak, Bistro(all in Red Bank) and my favorite, Copper Canyon (Atlantic Highlands, but well worth the trip). Restaurant Nicholas in Middletown is great but upscale and very pricey. Have fun!

                          1. Really want to warn you away from Salt Creek Grille. It's better for brunch if that's your thing, but dinner there was really poor and really expensive. Absolutely lousy bread, over-cooked fish, sweet and over-complicated sauce. Java Moon Cafe was never very good in my book and I hear that it is less so lately. It's not much fun, either.

                            I wonder if you have considered Copper Canyon in Atlantic Highlands? Nice bar area, a steak that I've got my eye on, and I really love their grilled shrimp and avocado salad. It seems that they serve dinner on Mondays, too. I think that you could have a nice time there.


                            1. Whoo people! I have a lot to check out. I know we don't want to do BYOB. I've been to Drew's Bayshore Bistro - love it. I will be checking out the other mentioned places. Thanks, and if you think of others, feel free to post!.