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Jun 19, 2007 12:36 PM

Going to Expo in SD Marriott Marina: Eats nearby?

I'm going to a trading expo this weekend at the Marriott by the marina in San Diego.
Are there any good casual places that can be walked to around there?
We're open to Mexican, burgers, sandwiches, greek; pretty much anything except sushi.


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  1. Walk out the front of the convention center, cross the street and the trolly tracks and you should end up - more or less - in front of Tin Fish

    1. I also like McCormick's & Schmidts for their happy hour. But only their happy hour.
      The Cheese Shop is up 4th and they make great sandwiches--not sure what their weekend hours are.

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      1. re: jturtle open 8-4 on Sat-Sun, 7-4 on weekdays. 4th at Market (just behind Hooters).

      2. The Cheese Shop is also good for breakfast. Cafe 222 is good for both breakfast and lunch. Both close early though, around 2:00. Ciros is good for pizza. If you don't mind walking a few blocks, there's Valentine's for Mexican and Bread on Market for sandwiches.

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          Thanks everyone. We'll try to get to the Cheese Shop.
          The menu looks great.