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Jun 19, 2007 12:35 PM

Cheap Eats

Ok, so heres the deal. I'm a food writer based in Providence. I write for a small magazines food section for a college crowd. I've written about all the obvious cheap, edible places in Providence (ie: east side pockets, cuban, every kind of pizza, cilantro, meeting street, nobody's, apsara, chilango's - you name it) But, I know and feel that I'm missing some hole in the wall kind of places off the beaten path. I want to expose myself and my readers to more restaurants. Anyone? Anything? Tell me. I'm dying to know. I'm also really hungry. But who on here isn't?

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  1. What constitutes "cheap" in your book? An often overlooked, reasonably priced "hole in the wall" is Guido's on Hope & John Sts. It's byob and the portions of decent if basic italian are huge for the price.

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      Cheap: Under 20 is good Under 10 is even better. Most college folk are only concerned with feeding themselves unless they are going for dinner where they intend to share. But all reccomendations are welcome - especially if the place is held to high esteem.

    2. Tina's on Atwells serves jamaican food for really low prices. They used to be on broad street but relocated a year or two ago. There are also two guatemalan places I like. One is on the corner before nick's, but its not that great. I prefer Mi Guatemala which is where atwells meets manton( i think). Bombay cafe in federal hill isnt cheap cheap but its certainly better than the rest of the horrible indian places in providence.

      1. There's always Geoff's Sandwiches, Julian's, Costantino's, and Olneyville Hot Dogs, but you're likely familiar with them.

        1. Angelo's Civita Farnese -- under $10 a plate, good red sauce Italian. (though it isn't BYOB).

          1. Mexico on Atwells? Not Just Snacks (Indian) on Hope?

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              I would pick Chilangos over Mexico. I have always found Chilangos to be fresher, and more inspired. On weekends they have a wonderful cabeza soup. Its not on the menu.

              Plus the fact that they make their own tequila in addition to the wonderful selection of other tequilas they carry does not hurt... :)

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                I'll have to give it a try - is it on Manton? Do they have tamales? That is all I ever get at Mexico....I'm tamale-obessed.