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Jun 19, 2007 12:32 PM

Healthy/Tasty Lunches in Times Square for Prego

Hi all,

My wife and I are visiting NYC the week of July 4th and need a few favorites that are local to our hotel that are great tasting and somewhat healthy. No MSG, Preservatives, Deli Meats (She is with child) Any ideas?

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  1. what sort of foods are you looking for? and price range? i'm pregnant, but can find something to eat in just about every cuisine, so you'd need to be a little more specific. thanks!

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    1. re: twiggles

      Hi Twiggles,

      I am actually okay with any price range, but don't like a "stuffy" atmosphere. Food - I love all kinds, Italian, Japanese, American, Southern, Spanish... Sorry to not be specific, but if you could eat lunch right now in Times Square. Where would you go?

      1. re: CheapEats

        depending on how her energy level is, you should walk over to 9th avenue and look around- lots of different choices. for good italian, try Roberto Passon on 9th and 50th. Vynl (9th between 50th and 51st) for a large selection of things, and since i've been pg i've been craving mac and cheese- their version satisfies my craving! the burger there is also surprisingly good. Marseilles for french on 9th and 44th. If she's into Thai, Pam real Thai (49th between 9th and 10th)If she is interested in Chinese (I've been trying to stay away because of the salt content) I've heard good things about Ollie's Sichuan on 42nd west of 9th. you can reqeust no MSG if that's an issue. If she'd like something more simple like grilled chicken or fish, Uncle Nick's (Greek) on on 9th between 50th and 51st. There is a Spanish place on 50th and 9th, but i don't know much about it. There are many other choices on 9th ave as well!

    2. Zen Palate is a wonderful vegetarian restaurant. It's on 46th Street / 9th Avenue. The food is pretty healthy and delicious. They have a more casual cafe in front and a nicer sit down restaurant in back. The back part has a more extensive menu. I am not a vegetarian, but I do eat there usually once a week.

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      1. re: avae

        Thanks Avae =) I will look into it.

        1. re: CheapEats

          i wouldn't recommend Zen Palate. i find the food bland, and a little greasy. not as healthy as it looks.

          1. re: twiggles

            I, too, would strongly advise against Zen Palate. The food, in a word: awful!

        2. re: avae

          I would recommend against Zen Palate. I find the food to be always greasy and disappointing.

          That said - I think Green Symphony on 43rd between 7th & 8th is your best bet for takeaway food (if you can eat in your hotel room). Otherwise I would recommend exploring other neighborhoods. If you really need to eat locally, there are some decent Italian places in the hood, and many good Thai places, and other good ethnic eateries along Ninth Avenue. I would try doing searches for Theater District and Hell's Kitchen also.