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Jun 19, 2007 12:14 PM

Persimmon vs. Chez Pascal for anniversary

I am debating where to go for dinner for our anniversary: Persimmon in Bristol, or Chez Pascal in Providence. We live about 5 minutes from Chez Pascal, but have only been there once and really enjoyed the food--but I wondered if I a fine restaurant out of town might make the evening more "special"--provided the food and atmosphere are good. Any thoughts?

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  1. You can't go wrong with either of these choices. They are, in my humble opinion, the top two best restaurants in the state. Persimmon is well worth the drive out of the city. Food and service there are terrific. Likewise, Chez Pascal is always an excellent evening. For what it's worth, Persimmon may be the (slightly) better value. Happy anniversary!

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      Chez Pascal without a doubt is a much better choice. There is a certain sort of finesse that comes with experience, Chef Champe at Persimmon is not there yet. It's too hit or miss still, sometimes it feels as though it's an experiment that you are taking place in. Not that it is bad, in fact it is excellent (at times). But for that "Speical" night, I would go to Chez Pascal.

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        While I can't agree that Chez is "better" (they're both excellent in my book), I concur that Champe is the more adventurous of the two chefs. I don't think that's a feature of inexperience, however. He was always interested in trying new flavors and techniques while at Gracie's and that tradition continues in his own restaurant. For those more staid diners, there's always the ubiquitous beef tenderloin on the Persimmon menu. Chez also keeps a steak dish and their delicious roast chicken on the menu for those less adventurous types.

    2. I haven't been to Chez Pascal, so I can't vote either way. However, the cheese plate at Persimmon is festive and unique. Plus, the attentive service makes the evening feel special.

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        i vote for persimmon too bristol is also really nice for little stroll after dinner and grays ice cream is right there too enjoy

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          Thanks to everyone for their opinion. We opted for Persimmon and had a very good dinner. My foie gras was excellent, my husbands crab salad was very good when the flavors all melded together, but they did not on every bite. He loved his duck, however, and my rabbit was very good, although more of a winter dish. The creme brulee was nice, but not outstanding. All in all, one of our best meals in the area, certainly comparable to a meal in NYC, which is where we are both from originally (we only moved 10 months ago!). And the service was extremly pleasant, even moving us to another table when we mentioned that we were beset by noise from the bar and the kitchen.