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joe's pizza (from nyc) in santa monica

ciaohound555 Jun 19, 2007 12:10 PM

does any one know when it's opening?

  1. d
    dinami Jun 19, 2007 02:16 PM

    Hmm, their website didn't say but you can always try calling or emailing them:


    1. y
      yogachik Jun 19, 2007 02:33 PM

      oh boy oh boy oh boy!

      But, WHEN?

      1. q
        QualityMart Jun 19, 2007 11:53 PM

        Uhh ... wow! No way, had no idea this was happening. I was just back there for some slices a few months ago. A NY classic, but I prefer to walk a few blocks down and order a fresh Grandma's at Bleecker St. Pizza. Go with a group and order a whole pie. Far better than a reheated slice. That is definitely the single best pizza pie in the world! Admittedly I've never been Italy...

        But I dunno, isn't it supposed to be the city water that makes NY pizza so good? I guess we'll soon find out how well Joe's compares ...

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        1. re: QualityMart
          sloanedone Jun 20, 2007 02:32 AM

          This. Is. Great. News.

        2. f
          foodhappy Jun 20, 2007 11:12 AM

          I read that Joe's Pizza will open "this summer" at the new Santa Monica location. (No specific date). How lucky are we????

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          1. re: foodhappy
            whatsfordinner Jun 20, 2007 02:02 PM


            1. re: whatsfordinner
              foodhappy Jun 20, 2007 03:05 PM

              It will be on Broadway St. & Ocean Ave. in Santa Monica. CAN'T WAIT!!!

              1. re: whatsfordinner
                maxzook Aug 22, 2007 11:12 PM

                111 Broadway, to be exact, which would put it next to the Makai Lounge ...


                1. re: maxzook
                  yogachik Aug 23, 2007 09:00 AM

                  Yes, but when

                  1. re: yogachik
                    maxzook Aug 24, 2007 08:50 AM

                    Ask them:


                    1. re: maxzook
                      yogachik Oct 11, 2007 02:15 PM

                      Yes, I've written to them a few times, with no response...

            2. a_and_w Jun 20, 2007 01:32 PM

              I wouldn't get too excited -- Joe's in NY is a shadow of it's former self. I frankly prefer the slices I've had out here at Abbott's.

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              1. re: a_and_w
                hrhboo Jun 20, 2007 03:24 PM

                I concur!

                1. re: a_and_w
                  Mr Taster Jun 20, 2007 03:54 PM

                  I don't know if you mean it's become a shadow of itself within the last 4 years, which is the last time i had a Joe's slice, because back then it was a pretty phenomenal "normal" slice (as opposed to Difara which I would argue is more of a one-off specialty slice). By the way, I didn't even realize there was hype about Joe's... I just popped in for a slice one day about 10 years ago and have loved it ever since (no crowds or any indication it had a following) so this is not bandwagoning in my part.

                  With the relative dearth of even passable NY/NJ style pizza here in LA (exeptions: Vito's, Lamonica's, Village Pizza, Mulberry St., Slice of NY in Seal Beach and one place in Upland I can't seem to remember the name of), I don't know why you would discourage a newcomer, especially those with the taste track record of Joe's. Even a relatively bad pie in NY and NJ tastes better that most of what is served up as "NY pizza" here. Eat any random slice on Hollywood Blvd. for multiple examples of what I describe.

                  Mr Taster
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                  1. re: Mr Taster
                    a_and_w Jun 20, 2007 04:06 PM

                    I'm not sure what you mean by DiFara being a specialty slice, but Joe's has been going steadily downhill for some time:




                    Honestly, as a recent NYC transplant, Angelenos have a strange inferiority complex about their pizza. Obviously, neither Abbott's nor Vito's can compete with the very best back east. But their pizza is still better than 90% of the slices I had in NYC (and CT, and MA).

                    1. re: a_and_w
                      Mr Taster Jun 20, 2007 05:36 PM

                      DiFara's is a specialty slice in that nobody else really makes pies like he does.

                      In a land as vast as LA, the scarcity of places where one can really get a decent slice (not heavenly slice, just a decent one) is a real dilemma for many of us east coast transplants.

                      Consider that most people in Los Angeles would have to get in their car and drive for miles before reaching Vito's, Village Pizza, Slice of NY etc. (let's call it a 'B' grade pizza, which is about the top grade you could get in LA) whereas in NYC there are thousands of places (with about 20 between whatever random places you happen to be walking between) that could serve up a halfway-decent B-grade slice, and you would likely pass at least one joint which would serve up an A-grade slice.

                      My only point is that even if Joe's new Santa Monica venture turns out to be a solidly B-grade joint, it will still be one more location in the vast basin of LA where one could get a tasty slice, when compared to the local competition.

                      I for one am certainly interested in the prospect of having more real NY pizza choices in LA and I feel we shouldn't discourage the efforts of more NY Italians setting up shop in LA... because eventually someone will come out here and nail the A-grade slice. Maybe Dom DeMarco will get tired of the snow and want to retire in LA!

                      Bottom line-- we need to encourage more NY Italians to set up shop out here-- particularly those with a long history of pizza making like Joe's. We need their knowledge, their recipes, their spirit, and above all else... their pizza!

                      Mr Taster
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                      1. re: Mr Taster
                        a_and_w Jun 21, 2007 09:46 AM

                        Many of your points are well taken -- I certainly agree that LA could use more and better Italian food at a reasonable price. And I will be among the first to try the new Joe's, my skepticism notwithstanding.

                        Still, your characterization of the NY pizza situation just doesn't jibe with my experience. It simply isn't the case that you can find a great slice anywhere in NYC. 90% of places get the same processed cheese and tomato sauce delivered every morning. I can count on two hands the places I would characterize in the A-B range, and that shrinks to one if we're talking about places that serve slices. The main difference I see is in what you term the "specialty" pizza. And for that, you have to travel in NY, just as you do LA. DiFara is in Midwood, Totonno's in Coney Island, and Patsy's in East Harlem.

                        BTW, much as I'd love to see the DeMarcos set up shop in sunny So Cal (might make his son lighten up) I'm not sure they'd make that other ABC grade, if you catch my drift.

                        PS: Are there ANY coal-fired ovens in So Cal, or are the air quality issues prohibitive?

                  2. re: a_and_w
                    westsidegal Aug 16, 2007 07:45 PM

                    i love abbott's too, but it must be said that abbott's is not ny-style pizza.
                    imho, it is really good california-style pizza that stands on it's own right.

                    1. re: westsidegal
                      a_and_w Aug 17, 2007 04:04 PM

                      I actually agree, westsidegal, though they fancy themselves NY-style. And it is similar in the sense that the crust is nice and crisp. Still, you won't find olive pesto (my favorite Abbott's topping) at most true NY pizza places!

                  3. Mr Taster Jun 21, 2007 02:11 AM

                    By the way... the place in Upland I was referring to:

                    San Biagio's New York Style
                    1263 W 7TH St
                    Upland, CA
                    Phone: (909) 946-9277

                    Mr Taster
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                    1. re: Mr Taster
                      kevin Aug 16, 2007 07:56 PM

                      thanks for the san biago's rec, i'm heading there as soon as i can. that coupled with windy c's for a chicago dog should do the trick. along with dr. bob's which i think is still up there in upland.

                      1. re: kevin
                        kjs Oct 11, 2007 10:36 AM

                        did you ever hit san biago's...curious what you thought because i hit it last week returning from a trip via ontario airport...i promised myself after reading this post that next time i had to hit the airport ( glendora to ontario ) i would try this place. i also remember ( must have been from another post ) that there was an ice cream place a few doors down that was worth a visit ( not Bob's )

                        i laughed when i drove up to san biago's because i did try this place about 2 years ago when i was in the area for my daugther's volleyball tournament. the place did not impress me then, and it was basically the same now. Understand, this is the kind of place you hope will succeed - you got all the new york stuff pasted, stapled, glued...whatever ...on the walls - simple; you got the old-timer italian/new yorker cooking pies with the young assistant...probably related...pleasant people....a couple of cheese pizza's cooked ready to be warmed by the slice. the crust was ok - i think i would have enjoyed it more if fresh - got the thin ( not paper thin ) crust - browned on the bottom, yet chewiness to it , the sauce...well....not bad...just not all that special...the cheese...nice taste - my guess , a blend giving it had a little tang to it ( romano perhaps mixed into the dominant moz ) - the place is not bad it's just not very good/great.

                        now the ice cream store a few doors down...and of course...the name escapes me....i liked it !! reminded me a little of the glacier ice cream i hear others ranting about ( i've tried glacier in las vegas ) - but i prefer this place in upland more....the ice cream is very tasty but it's the uniqueness to this place - it just seems like a strange set-up - the location, the way you order, etc, that makes it well...like i said...unique....i will definitely stop by here on future ontario airport trips - i still need to hit bob's ( tried their sorbets at the la county fair ) and i'll have to do a search again but i believe there is either another pizza place or a bbq place near bob's too ...anyways, would like to hear what others have thought of san biago's...thanks

                        1. re: kjs
                          Velvet Elvis Oct 11, 2007 11:02 AM

                          The ice cream place is called Handel's. Their ice cream is among the best in LA, IMHO. Almost worth the trip to Upland. Definitely worth trying if you are in the area.


                          San Biagio Pizza, on the other hand was not all that great. Very average NY-style Pizza.

                          1. re: Velvet Elvis
                            kjs Oct 11, 2007 01:38 PM

                            Handel's !!!! That's it !! thanks....i agree...if you like/love ice cream...especially if you are making a trip to Bob's...give handel's a try...i'm hitting ontario airport next week....

                    2. a_and_w Aug 16, 2007 10:53 AM

                      Does anyone know if Joe's has opened yet? I'm curious to try it, my skepticism notwithstanding.

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                      1. re: a_and_w
                        Snoopy Aug 21, 2007 10:05 AM

                        Any updates??

                        1. re: Snoopy
                          Moomin Aug 21, 2007 10:18 AM


                          I walked past this morning at about 6:15am. They had the door open and were working inside. Suffice it to say their summer opening date probably isn't going to happen.

                          The walls were stripped to the studs (lots of trailing elecrtical wiring, one work light wired-in), the floor was stripped to the concrete and they had cut through in two places. Two guys were working knee deep below street level.

                          There were no ovens, no counter, no plumbed in sinks. Pretty much a whole lot of nothing. Either they're going to pull things together at record speed, or it's going to be a while.

                          1. re: Moomin
                            Snoopy Aug 21, 2007 10:20 AM


                            1. re: Snoopy
                              yogachik Aug 21, 2007 10:30 PM

                              Thanks for the update, was wondering...

                      2. j
                        joespizza Aug 28, 2007 05:59 AM

                        Should be opening in the begining of September.

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                        1. re: joespizza
                          Ogawak Aug 28, 2007 07:53 AM

                          Looking forward to your opening. Per your website, will you have the same menu, and will you deliver? I live in the neighborhood.

                        2. a_and_w Oct 11, 2007 09:53 AM

                          Did they ever open?

                          2 Replies
                          1. re: a_and_w
                            Servorg Oct 11, 2007 10:17 AM

                            Not yet.

                            1. re: a_and_w
                              Mateo R Oct 11, 2007 11:12 PM

                              I looked inside yesterday, they have installed the oven and are in the process of building the counter and installing other fixtures. My guess is tht it is still a few weeks away from opening.

                              Mateo R

                            2. ElJeffe Oct 24, 2007 02:22 PM

                              Called today and still no answer. I feel like a junkie who's dealer is out of town for a few weeks....

                              2 Replies
                              1. re: ElJeffe
                                yogachik Oct 24, 2007 03:16 PM

                                And I get so excited whenever this thread is bumped, thinking that someone is announcing that it's open, or about to open! What a disappointment, yet again.

                                1. re: yogachik
                                  NYCnowLA Oct 24, 2007 05:19 PM

                                  i agree. grrrr.

                              2. m
                                Mateo R Nov 5, 2007 11:18 AM

                                Joe's looks like it should be open this week. They still have cardboard on the window, but the inside looks ready.

                                2 Replies
                                1. re: Mateo R
                                  wilafur Nov 5, 2007 11:48 AM

                                  oooh! i can't wait!!! mmm!

                                  1. re: Mateo R
                                    ElJeffe Nov 5, 2007 08:22 PM

                                    This....(tears)....is the happiest day....of....my life.....

                                  2. maxzook Nov 6, 2007 10:07 AM

                                    If Eater L.A. is to be believed, tomorrow ...


                                    1 Reply
                                    1. re: maxzook
                                      wilafur Nov 6, 2007 10:10 AM

                                      i am so there this weekend to get me a nice white pie. mmm! =)

                                    2. j
                                      jhulla Nov 7, 2007 08:24 AM

                                      Person on the phone says they will open Friday, Nov. 10th!

                                      2 Replies
                                      1. re: jhulla
                                        ElJeffe Nov 7, 2007 09:24 AM

                                        Friday the 9th or Saturday the 10th?

                                        1. re: jhulla
                                          Mateo R Nov 7, 2007 02:56 PM

                                          Joe says it will open Friday

                                          The menu is
                                          Pizza Pie, white pie, Sicilian pie, Grandma pie, Fresh mozzarella pie , and Caprese pie $2.75-3.50 per slice 17 -20 per pie extra toppings .75c and $3
                                          also Italian and Cesar salad
                                          Antipasto and
                                          Italian Ices

                                        2. f
                                          Flambe Smith Nov 7, 2007 03:02 PM

                                          I heard it was opening today...

                                          5 Replies
                                          1. re: Flambe Smith
                                            samochows Nov 10, 2007 04:36 PM

                                            It's OPEN! Had a slice of cheese Friday night ($2.50). Didn't think it tasted as good as Joe's in NYC (I lived there for 8 yrs and ate my fair share of Joe's, John's and Lombardi's) but it's definitely the best slice I've had in the 4 yrs I've lived in Santa Monica.

                                            1. re: samochows
                                              jhulla Nov 10, 2007 05:09 PM

                                              I'm going RIGHT now! -- will report back!

                                              1. re: jhulla
                                                kaveh Nov 10, 2007 05:14 PM

                                                I just had two slices. I was expecting a lot more. The crust is a little too chewy for my taste. I still think Santa Monica Pizza is the best pizza in SM and Vito's in the best pie in LA.

                                                1. re: kaveh
                                                  Skunk2Racer Nov 10, 2007 05:25 PM

                                                  Just got back. Had a whole pie with mushrooms and sausage. GREAT ate 4 slices by myself I Will be back. Next stop brownstone pizza in eagle Rock. Vito's? Went Once NEVER again......I Just don't get it?

                                                  1. re: kaveh
                                                    mrcritical Nov 10, 2007 05:27 PM

                                                    I second that opinion. Very disappointed. Had a slice of cheese and a slice of pepperoni around 1PM today. Crust was chewy and dry with very little taste. Cheese and sauce were nothing special. Very average. Doesn't come close to NYC location. Vito's has nothing to worry about. Has Joe's beat by a mile.

                                            2. ElJeffe Nov 10, 2007 07:49 PM

                                              Went tonight and its the real thing. Now with Vito's and Joe's we can safely say we have two true NY style pizza places on each side of the city. You can debate all you want about if they would be considered great in New York, but the bottom line is we finally have pizza in LA.

                                              Joe's bottom crust was nice and crispy, which is huge in my book, and something that Vito's did not deliver when I've been there. Joe's should continue to get better as they get settled in and the ovens mature.

                                              Note: Joe's has virtually no seating and its really tough to park along the promenade so a drop-off or pick-up is the way to go.

                                              1 Reply
                                              1. re: ElJeffe
                                                sloanedone Nov 12, 2007 02:31 PM

                                                I had half a pie and then, later, slices. The pie was much better. It's pretty great pizza, better than Vito's (though I see similarities). Pep is amazing, tastes very NY. I live a few blocks from Vito's, but I see myself going to Joe's quite a lot.

                                              2. v
                                                viewmaster66 Nov 12, 2007 07:21 PM

                                                I just got back from Joe's. I went with 2 other displaced NY'ers. 1 of whom has been to the original Joe's on Bleeker 100's of times. Consensus. Real pizza in LA. Finally.

                                                7 Replies
                                                1. re: viewmaster66
                                                  recovering_vegetarian Nov 12, 2007 09:38 PM

                                                  I went today as well. Sat next to Joe himself while I waited, and watched him being congratulated/thanked by happy customers the whole time I was there. Then I went home to enjoy my half pepperoni/half fresh basil, and was thrilled with the results. Was it the best pizza I've ever had? No. Was it the best pizza I've ever had in LA (or, dare I say, outside of NYC)? Definitely.

                                                  1. re: recovering_vegetarian
                                                    ElJeffe Nov 12, 2007 09:47 PM

                                                    Went today as well for the 2nd time in 3 days. Life is good. Which one is Joe by the way? The skinny guy working the pizza oven? I wasn't sure if we was working when I was there.

                                                    1. re: ElJeffe
                                                      kevin Nov 12, 2007 10:06 PM

                                                      yeah, who was joe. also , they still dont have the fresh mozzareella slices. the cheese pizza is good, it might be better than vito's (but i still think even casa bianca is better than both of em).

                                                      1. re: kevin
                                                        Mark Sarvas Nov 13, 2007 02:56 PM

                                                        Is it a zoo? I've been afraid to go down for fear of crazy crowds.

                                                        1. re: Mark Sarvas
                                                          ElJeffe Nov 13, 2007 03:04 PM

                                                          Actually hasn't been terrible. Definitely a line out the door at lunch but it moves fast so a 5-10 minute wait.

                                                      2. re: ElJeffe
                                                        recovering_vegetarian Nov 13, 2007 05:16 PM

                                                        I'm having trouble remembering exactly what he looks like... Dark hair and no, not that skinny. It's the thick New York accent that makes him stand out.

                                                        1. re: recovering_vegetarian
                                                          wilafur Nov 13, 2007 05:18 PM

                                                          pix of joe in action:


                                                  2. wyatt3290 Jan 5, 2008 10:34 AM

                                                    I had Joe's the other day when returning from Venice Beach. It was very good ( 2 cheese slices) but there are a couple places I like as well or better. Vito's in West Hollywood, Mulberry St. in Beverly Hills (haven't been for awhile so maybe it's changed since i've been) The Rainbow on Sunset (different style pizza than Joe's but I love it) Pace in Laurel Canyon is good. I wll say that of all the pizza in that area it is the best pizza by far.

                                                    2 Replies
                                                    1. re: wyatt3290
                                                      grublah Nov 25, 2008 02:09 PM

                                                      Something happened at Joes. I've been there before and enjoyed their white pie, but I was there over the weekend got a pie- half plain and half white with added spinach. The plain was dry and bland and the white pie was all garlic and overcooked. The worst part was that they used FROZEN SPINACH on the pie. What reputable restaurant uses frozen spinach. COME ON! You could taste it right away, it ruined my experience. This isn't the same pizza you get at Joes in NY. I'm from NY and refuse to go back to Joes. I learned my lesson and will stick to Vito's from now on.

                                                      1. re: grublah
                                                        epop Nov 25, 2008 02:25 PM

                                                        I would ask Joe about it, since he is here now. Their pizza can be excellent (sometimes better than the one i know well in nyc) but the last time I was there it had slipped a bit.
                                                        Part of it was the staff, who was being very annoying. No matter how many times I ordered they kept asking for my order again, then mixing it up, then asking me again and then grabbing the wrong pizza.
                                                        Needless to say, Joe was not there that night.

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