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Jun 19, 2007 12:09 PM

good upper eastside Italian?

Any recommendations for good, reasonable Italian food in the east 70's-90's?

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  1. Triangolo, very good and inexpensive, 83rd bet. 1st and 2nd aves.

    1. We like Uva and Vespa, especially in the summer months when we can enjoy their gardens. Not exactly the best Italian I've had, but always solid and both can be reasonable, depending on your definition of resonable.

      1. I like Grotta del Mare - 77th between 1st and 2nd.

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          Sette Mezzo on Lex....I think it is off of 77th street...Fantastic!
          Paola's is another great one. I think it is on 84 street between 2 and 3rd. Check the addresses. Sette Mezzo can be pricey

          1. re: italiana3

            Sette Mezzo is their clam's on Lex between 70th & warned in advance that they take CASH ONLY & can be pricey...

            1. re: fauchon

              Yes, the I love the vongole too. The specials are particularly pricey - worth asking the price. Also, I've found that the wines by the glass are lousy and expensive.

              1. re: MMRuth

                I agree about the wines-by-the-glass...très cher & très lousy...

            2. re: italiana3

              I like the food at Sette Mezzo as well - note that they only take cash or checks, unless you have a house account.

          2. The best in Italian cuisine is Spigilo by far!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dine there at least 5-6 times a week-phenomenal food-must have reservations for inside but first come first served on bar and outdoors.

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              Sette Mezzo also has amazing Veal Milanese. The place next door is pretty good is called Bella Blu. IT is not as fine as SEtte MEzzo, but they have good brick oven pizza. Also, my cousin just told me about a new great ITalian on the upper east side...something like Mammina or something like that. They were raving about it.

              1. re: italiana3

                Oh...and Quattro GAtti is very good. Not a trendy place...but the food is good. I think it is on 81st between 2nd and 3rd