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Jun 19, 2007 12:05 PM

What's the deal with the BBQ Festival this weekend?

has anyone been to this before or is this the first year? do you think it's worth checking out? DC isnt really known for their BBQ....

If I do go are there any tents/RVs/companys/etc that I should def stop by and check out (for great food)?

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  1. It's called the Barbecue Battle -- a friend of mine is performing as one of the music acts.

    1. we went a few years ago, it was fun. my husband is a loves to bbq, so he was interested in what equipment they were using... there's lots of bbq to buy, it was really hard to choose!

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        I walked by last year. It had rained earlier in the morning so it was almost empty. I had a great time. bbq from all over, got a great taste of everything. I just checked the weather and there are storms this weekend so maybe they will break for a few to try again.

      2. It's a nice event for live music and it's a fun atmosphere. But you can't buy barbecue from any of the competitors. All of the food being sold is from vendors, and most of them are the local chain places (Red Hot & Blue, Famous Dave's, etc.) If you know people competing, you might be able to hang out with them and sample some of what they're cooking.

        My band is playing there, Sunday at 11, on the stage where all of the blues acts are playing.