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Jun 19, 2007 11:40 AM

How do they cook sausage on a stick at Fairs?

My SO loves sausage, which is not one of my favs, but I do like the sausage on a stick concept. It's not too greasy, but HOW do they cook it? I think it is on a rotisserie, or one of those hot dog machines where the wheels constantly turn the hot dog. He thinks it's cooked on a grill. What do you all think?

And how do they cook sauage at a BBQ restaurant? It has the same consistency as the on a stick version, with no visible charr marks. Whenever he makes sausage on the grill it is "blackened" and that ain't good!

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  1. if "he" placed the sausages away from the direct heat of the grill as in Weber-style indirect cooking, you'd get the fat rendered out without it feeding the flareups that cause the carbon burning. ick. I put a foil drip pan underneath to catch the fat so it doesn't goo up the kettle. Works in a gas grill too.

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      Agreed. Indirect heat is the key. If it is getting blackened, you are cooking it over waay to high a heat. Either move the coals to create indirect heat or lower the burner under your sausage on the gas grill.