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Jun 19, 2007 11:39 AM

Best poutine in Mississauga?

Thanks all for the reviews and comments of Toronto's poutine places. I'm not mobile enough and not often enough in the city to check out the city's options. ARE there any places in Mississauga to get a decent poutine. I HAVE tried Licks...... I think they could be better. Real chicken or veg gravy (well, we DO know it's usually canned or from a dry mix) and REAL curds is an absolute MUST. (I have often considered begging some outlet to use the curds that I JUST happen to have in my bag here.....)

Are there any Mississauga Chowhounds out there who have ideas on this?


P.S. This is not news to anyone who reads these posts often. I took a friend, visiting from Texas, to Burrito Boys here in Mississauga. He was not disappointed. I enjoyed mine thoroughly, and he remarked that we must stop in again, when there isn't a line out the door. So, when IS that?

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  1. We're in Mississauga and my kids absolutely love poutine. They usually enjoy NY Fries poutine but have lately discovered the poutine at HERO Burgers on Brittannia Rd, just east of Creditview Rd. I believe they use real curds and the fries are made from freshly cut potatoes. They advertise their poutine as "authentic Quebecois" style.

    Never tried Burrito Boys before. Where are they located?

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      Burrito Boyz (sp?) is on Stavebank in Port Credit, north off Lakeshore on the "east" side, a short walk.

      Thanks for the info about HERO Burgers


    2. Henry's Fish and Chips Wolfdale/Dundas. They make the best poutine in mississaga.

      1. Although it's technically in Etobicoke, Apache Burger has some pretty awesome poutine. Old fashioned fries smothered in gravy and cheese curds served piping hot. Good size portion too.

        1. Just discovered a new place to get poutine in Mississauga. There is a food truck outside of the Canadian Tire @ Heartland Town Centre.....Mr. Guss's Meat & Potato Co. Unfortunately they don't use real cheese curds but the poutine is still very good. They also have cheese fries and a sausage poutine.