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Jun 19, 2007 11:11 AM

removing onion smell from hands

I finally tried the trick of "washing" your hands with a piece of stainless silverware to remove the smell of raw onion from my hands. It works!

Any other cool kitchen folklore?

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  1. I buy bars of homemade coffee soap at local farmer's markets that zap any lingering hand odor (fish, garlic, onions) instantly!

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    1. And to think that Williams Sonoma sells a stainless steel "bar of soap" to use when we all have spoons laying around to do the same thing! It's a fantastic hidden remedy for stinky food prep!

      1. i just use plain old left over coffee grids..

        1. In another tread on the same subject, some one mentioned just rubbing you hands on the bottom of you sink while you rinse them.


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            That is what I do, I've got a stainless sink so no need for one of those bars.

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              That's what I do, too... soap up my hands and rub them on the stainless sink. Works for garlic odors on your hands, too.

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                I do that too. If you don't want to wipe them on the stainless sink (just in case you're not too sure what was washed in there last, like raw chicken, for example) you can also use the faucet if it's also stainless.

                Your chef's knife will work too. Just not the sharp end, 'kay? ;-D