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Jun 19, 2007 11:08 AM

Can you get an Italian Cream Cake in LA?

Any suggestions would be most appreciated!



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  1. In the South, there's always something called "Italian" cream cake that gets served at pot lucks and group dinners. It really always struck me as something that has nothing to do with anything that would ever be served in Italy, being heavy as a cinder block, covered with cream cheese icing, loaded with pecans and often coconut, etc. Well, I hadn't had it in years, and then I went to Lucky Devils. There, they serve something called "Kentucky" cream cake, and I swear, it's the stuff that's always served as "Italian" cream cake back in the South. If it's Southern-style Italian cream cake you're looking for, go to Lucky Devils on Hollywood Boulevard and order the Kentucky cream cake. That's the stuff. They'll even dump it in the milkshake blender with frozen custard and make a shake out of it for you.

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      How funny! I always had it with some Italian friends, so I didn't realize that it was more a Southern thing. Anyway, EXCELLENT tip, and I work right by Lucky Devils, so total score. Thanks!!!

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        Maybe there's an Italian version of Italian cream cake; if there is, I'd like to try it. What's served at Lucky Devils is was often passes in the South as the stuff.

        On a side note, what generally passed as red velvet cake in the South when I was a kid was generally not true red velvet (a yankee creation, by the way). It would be spice cake - nothing remotely chocolatey - with loads of dye that makes it look fire-truck red, and it was almost always the last thing to remain on the pot luck dessert table. I told my Mississippi-born grandmother that red velvet cake was all the rage out here, and she replied, "Ugh. I never cared for that myself." Italian cream cake was always the big dog there.

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          Yeah, it's very strange - I remember it being very light, with whipped icing, and yet I see all these heavy recipes online with cream cheese icing. I'm going to have to email my Italian South Florida friends...

    2. i've had italian wedding cake which sounds very similar.

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      1. re: woofer

        Mystery solved - I'm actually looking for Sacripantina. There was a Italian owned bakery where I'm from that had it. Sigh.

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          Wonder if you could have it shipped from San Fran???

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            That looks good (and much more refined from what passes for Italian cream cake in the South). Too bad L.A.'s Little Italy is long gone - as is currently happening in New York today, our Little Italy became what is now Chinatown - making finding an Italian bakery much more difficult.

            I think San Diego still has a Little Italy...

            1. re: Woolsey

              Searching Italian Cream Cake brought me to this older thread. I had a slice of it the other day at Ozzie's Diner in Downey (off the 5 and telegraph) - and it was just as you described - very rich and oh so delicious. I'm not sure if they bake it in house or by it from a bakery. It's very similar to Cedar Creek's Inn warm coconut supreme cake.

        2. Babulu in Santa Monica makes an Italian Wedding Cake that is just as you described!