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Jun 19, 2007 11:01 AM

Cobb Salad/Club Sandwich, Dwntn MPLS

I consider the Cobb Salad and the Club Sandwich two of the pinnacles of civilization, and I am looking for the best of each in downtown Minneapolis. It has to be downtown, walkable, no bus or train ride, not over the river, and not in uptown or past Twelth on Nicollet. Please help. I know many places have club sandwiches, but I am looking for a realy great one. And a great Cobb Salad is hard to find.


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  1. I had an excellent cobb salad recently at Mission American Kitchen on the 1st floor of the IDS.

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    1. re: Nikkie1t

      would you mind describing it Nikkie1t?

    2. I've always liked the club at Rock Bottom. It's described on the website as "Brewer’s Club: Sliced house-roasted turkey, hickory-smoked ham and bacon, melted Cheddar and Monterey Jack, tomato and lettuce on ciabatta bread with our chipotle mayonnaise."

      Also, I think the one at Champp's is above average. As a disclaimer, I consider a club above average if it has turkey AND ham AND bacon AND cheese. I hate it when it's just turkey and bacon and cheese. There's gotta be ham too!

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        Intriguing. As a native Chicagoan, I grew up knowing that a club sandwich was a double-decker BLT with turkey. I can't get my head around adding ham and (God forbid) cheese to a club.

      2. Fish- please tell us what you think are the important elements of the Cobb Salad
        of your dreams- and the club as well.

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          I'm open to improvisation, of course, but what's most important to me is that the ingredients be as fresh as possible, and as little processed as possible. For instance, it's very disappointing when on the club the meat is clearly from a package and is round. The bacon has to be good, the bread should be crisp and not too thin, and I don't necessarily care if it's double decker or not. The key elements of a club are toast, turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato. But, for instance, why not arugala instead of lettuce. Additions welcome. But fresh with a nice presentation is good.

          As for the Cobb Salad: for me spinach, egg, bacon, and tomatoes are the basics. Other than that, I like improvisation. But, like the sandwich, the ingredients shoudl be top notch. And it should look nice.

          1. re: FishMPLS

            OK Fish, thanks for clarifying your Cobbian vision. I researched a bit online and found
            that the original Cobb was invented at the Brown Derby Restaurant in Hollywood CA
            in 1937 and was the result of movie mogul Jack Warner coming in late one night very
            hungry and the owner ,Bob Cobb, who had been getting ready to close, threw this
            salad together trying to please the customer.That salad had the following:romaine,
            hb egg, avocado, chives, cheese, cold chicken breast, and bacon, all chopped
            I like some bleu cheese in it, good tomatoes, some good greens, egg, crisp bacon,
            avocado, some type of scallion or onion, and a good vinaigrette. I'm constantly on
            the lookout for places that do them well, and they do seem kind of rare. But the
            entree size salad is a great thing, especially for carb-watching chowhounds, and
            the Cobb is a great classic example of an entree size salad. The best I can do
            for now is recommend a good salad bar where you can make your own. I've recently
            enjoyed the Skyroom salad bar in Macy's 12th floor-especially on the later side of
            the lunch hour which can be very noisy earlier. They are open till 3 and for $8 and
            change you can put together a pretty good salad. They don't have avocado unfortunately, but they do have some great tiny peas, a good selection of cheeses,
            fancy sprouts, good mesclun lettuce mix, decent olive oil and vinegars as well as
            a couple of house-made dressings- including blue cheese and a pretty good caesar.
            In addition they have several composed salads that are good. I've been thinking
            about checking out Fogo de Chao for the buffet as well but it's more money for sure,
            and not sure I want to be surrounded by gauchos carrying dripping meat chunks on
            skewers. But, you never know...

            1. re: FishMPLS

              Big help! Have you tried the club at Wilde Roast? Good bread, good thin sliced deli turkey, herbed/spiced mayo, thick bacon, and fresh veggies. Not a double decker.

              Best of luck on the Cobb. For me, it has to be mixed, none of that "mix it up yourself and make a mess" crap, and it HAS to have good ripe avacado. Can't say I've found a good one in the TC yet, so great thread!

          2. I see that Murray's has a Cobb salad on its menu too. I haven't tried it. When I go to Murray's, I don't focus on the salads...

            1. THe best cobb salad in minneapolis, in my opinion is at Eli's on 12th and Hennipen, its big. its of classic consturction with fresh avacato slices, fresh bacon and tomato, and you can get it with a huge Delicious marinated grilled chicken brest sliced up on top of it, all for around EIGHT BUCKS!!! and they serve it untill 2am to boot. also, while Im on the subject of eli's, be sure to try the Filet minong appitizer its served with a blue cheese sause and some sort of crispy onion piled over a mound of perfectly done mushrooms. there honestly is not a ton more of stuff on the menu I like the deserts sound alot better than they actually turn out to be, but THis place is nicely priced, its easy to find, you can sit outside if you want and its open super late I love it