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Jun 19, 2007 10:54 AM

Hollywood bowl picnic dinner

Hi I live in the Pasadena area, we are going to opening night this Friday to HB, I'm in charge of the picnic dinner for 6. Since I work that day I need to buy the dinner I was going with either rotteriseir chicken from twin palms or fried chicken from Gelsons. Would love some other ideas. Help!

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  1. Have you considered Julienne in San Marino?

    They have great boxed lunches/dinners.

    1. Clementine in Culver City gets rave reviews for its simple and fresh cafe foods. They have picnic boxes especially made for the Hollywood Bowl.

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        Clementine Is not In Culver City but Century City across from the mall. But I agree it is wonderful!

      2. A bit out of your way from Pasadena, but closer to the Hollywood Bowl is Doughboys - Highland Location - they have a great picnic basket deal. ~$40 two sandwiches, salad, dessert.

        1. Gelson's has "Bowl Boxes" they can put together for you or the deli has a lot of great gourmet items besides fried chicken that they can put together in a picnic box. They're really pretty good. I like the new line of cold soups, the salmon dishes, the panini, the firecracker shrimp, thecold salads and such. go online to

          The easiest thing is to go into the Pasadena gelson's, tell the deli people what you want to do, and choose what you'd like to order ahead of time. Then tehy can have itall ready for you, and you can pick up the plates, utensils and a good few bottles of wine!

          I also like the meals The Little Next Door can put together.

          1. I was just at the bowl this weekend for the Playboy Jazz Festival and beforehand we picked up food at Europane. Sandwiches, salads and desserts. It was perfect.

            I think Julienne is another good option. They have so many great choices.

            Another option is The Spot on Lincoln. Some other friends picked up their bowl boxes there. Their gourmet-to-go menu is online...

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              Picnicking at the Bowl is so much fun! I second the Gelson's picnic box idea, and really recommend that you bring more than enough wine. That's one of my favorite things about the Bowl, you can drink all you want, even at your seat during the concert. After enough wine, all the food seems to taste just fine :)

              I also like to bring some fruit/snacks like cut up watermelon or chocolate covered strawberries to have with the wine during the concert/intermission. Have a great time!