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Jun 19, 2007 10:49 AM

Looking for (restaurant) wedding/reception venue in Westside

My financee and I are looking for a venue that can do both ceremony and reception on the site in November.

We are looking at about 110-130 people and want to avoid the hotel/banquet room route.

We would love a place that has:
Great food
Great service
Romantic, cozy atmosphere
Good location (ideally Westside - Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, WeHo, can go as far as Pasadena & South Bay if the venue is good).

We thought a restaurant wedding would be ideal but open to other ideas too.

Some places that we are looking into are:
Il Cielo (love the atmosphere but will it fit 130 comfortably?)
The Wilshire
Chateau Marmont (I didn't know they did weddings but a friend said he just went to one that was really special)

Any suggestions from fellow chowhounds would be greatly appreciated! THANKS!!

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  1. Attended a lovely event at Cicada a few years ago and the food and service were truly excellent.

    1. I've been to several weddings catered by the folks at Auntie Em's. They do a great job, and offer a list of really interesting sites--everything from museum spaces to a house on the beach.
      And the food is top notch. They really work with you to create the event you want--within your budget.

      1. I attended a beautiful wedding reception at Michael's last year. It was on a Sunday night when the restaurant is closed. The food and service were outstanding. The garden was as elegant, romantic and exquisite setting. It was the first time I had been to a private event at Michael's and was very impressed.

        1. i know someon who had their wedding at lowry's the prime rib on la cienega but cicada is probably the best restaurant location.

          1. In January, we had a wedding reception at the Victorian House in santa monica on Main Street. The catering was wonderful, largely because the kitchen is in house (Duck, Duck, Mousse) and the chef is very accommodating. With 110-130 people, you could take the entire first floor and have drinks outside on the patio. Or you could spring for the whole house, which will give you the upstairs, too. They have a parking lot adjacent, whcih is a nice convenience. It'll be cozy, elegant, well decorated, but not stuffy. I was really, really impressed by the Victorian House.

            While we were looking at the Victorian House, we also talked to Cafe del Rey. They have an option to rent out the restaurant, which is a nice option. It's not cheap, but you'd get a first class kitchen and waitstaff. And the view is very nice. The price was probably 15% higher than what we paid at the Victorian House. The restaurant manager was a really nice guy who would do just about anything to pull the event off.