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Jun 19, 2007 10:40 AM



Cassoulet is a tough one, but the beans must be "correct", they are the base, the heart of the dish. I'd once traveled France to find the "ultimate" cassoulet. I was sucessful!

If you're interested > go to the France Board and search Le Trou. You may find it interesting.

If you know a good "local" cassoulet, lay it on me.

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  1. I haven't found a really good local one but have tried. Jarnac was bland. Artisanal was OK to good. Didn't like Capsouto Freres. I haven't tried others in the city. There have been threads about local cassoulet in the past, so you may want to do a search.

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      I have tried just about all the prescribed Cassoulet in town and although none have "hit the mark" including C.P., I would say, the best I've had was at Gascogne on 8th Ave. The best doesn't imply sucess. I've pretty much given up on Cassoulet in NY.

      1. re: allenbank

        My husband, the cassoulet addict, likes Gascogne's. He also had what he described as an excellent one at the recently closed Brasserie LCB. Did you ever try that one?

        Btw, there was a restaurant called Trois Jeans, on the UES, that has been closed for many years. It was known for its first-rate cassoulet.

        1. re: RGR

          Your husband has some good "buds", we are in agreement in any case. I believe, at present Gascogne does the best cassoulet in town. The best in NY however is a pale shadow of what it might / should be. I've pretty much given up on NY cassoulet > not that I wouldn't be willing to try a new condended. I had high hopes for Savoy's offering this past winter, but in my opinion it fell short, although I must admit a respectable attempt. Thought-out and cooked over an open flame in cast iron. I couldn't tell you why it "didn't make it" for me. My expectations are admittedly questionalble as I have expirenced "the ultimate". That being from a restaurant in S.W. France, Le Trou. A soujorn I have written about on the France Boards. I, in days past, on one particular day, on a freinds recommendation, had the cassoulet at Trois Jean and it was indeed very very good. I am not familiar with Brasserie LCB.

          1. re: allenbank

            I apologize, I seem to have repeated myself here. And by the way > condended, should read contender. Generally, not bad though without spell check or patience.

            1. re: allenbank

              Brasserie LCB was formerly La Cote Basque, one of NYC's grandes dames of French haute cuisine before chef/owner Jean-Jacques Rachou, a master of classic dishes like cassoulet, closed it, refurbished, then re-opened as the less formal Brasserie LCB. It was recently closed during the DOH crackdown. Though the restaurant later passed inspection, sadly, it appears Chef Rachou has decided not to re-open. :-( Reports are that Alain Ducasse may be taking over that space. I'm guessing he won't be serving cassoulet.

              With regard to cassoulet in France, during our last trip there in 1999, we had dinner in the restaurant at Domaine d'Auriac, a Relais & Chateaux in Carcassone. It was June, but no matter. It was on the menu so, of course, my husband ordered it. Superb!

              1. re: RGR

                Can't believe Brasserie LCB was closed by the DOH. Sad!

    2. Cassoulet in JARNAC (West Village) is quite decent! Cute restaurant also.

      If that doesn't work, take a trip to Montreal. They have WONDERFUL food there. More of a foodie town than NYC.