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Jun 19, 2007 10:25 AM

Need the best cupcakes and Carrot cake

Where in Manhattan or Park slope can I get the best Cupcakes and the best carrot cake?

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  1. I really like both the cupcakes and carrot cakes @ billy's bakery

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    1. re: kesues

      Two Little Red Hens is pretty good. What kind of carrot cake are you looking for? I prefer it really dense with raisins, nuts and carrot shavings. I don't like the lighter kinds (which is what Amy's has). Whole Foods has a pretty good carrot cake, but the frosting tastes like pure butter to me. Try TLRH.

      1. re: chompchomp

        chompchomp, I hope it wasn't the vegan carrot cake at Whole Foods that you liked. When I bought it and tried it, it was awful! The consistency is like papier mache.
        Maybe I had it on an off day.

        1. re: wench31

          nope, I had the full animal fat -- eggs, butter and all. I'll beware of the vegan one though!

        2. re: chompchomp

          i have had the carrot cake cupcake (two birds, one stone) at two little red hens on the UES and it is delicious. very moist and raisiny and nutty and cream cheesy. i'm not sure how many of those are actual words, but i hope the point gets across that it was very good. and their little cakes are so pretty - they are lovely to bring to a party.

          1. re: atandt

            Two Little Red Hens is my go-to! I LOVE their Brooklyn Blackout - a must for chocolate lovers. Their carrot cake is also delish (my sister surprised me with a mini one - perfect for one person on her birthday week - a slice for every worknight!). I recently got two cakes - one white, one chocolate, for my girlfriends last year - TLRH did an AMAZING job decorating them all out with flowers!

          2. re: chompchomp

            IMO - Two Little Red Hens is THE BEST bakery in NYC. I tried almost all their cupcakes last week and every last one of them were perfect. The cake. The icing. I couldn't believe it.

            1. re: chompchomp

              I absolutely second Two Little Red Hens- they have a great carrot cake cupcake!

          3. I just had a very yummy slice of carrot cake at Settepani in Harlem. Moist and delicious.

            1. best cupcakes - either Magnolia or Sugar Sweet Sunshine
              best carrot cake - by far E.A.T. on UES

              1. Crumbs, the best cupcakes in the city, moist cake, topped with a great buttercream frosting.

                1. Carrot cake --> Soutine in UWS