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Jun 19, 2007 10:22 AM

Pazo recs......

My wife and I are going for first time this week for our 10th anniversary. I know the menu just changed a little with less emphasis on tapas.....anyone been lately? What are everyone's favorites from the chowhounds. Thanks and I will certainly report on our visit.


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  1. The pizzas were my favorite on the old menu - the crust made with some sort of special flour (we asked about it once and the server bought out two little cups of flour - one regular and one super fine that they used for the had a special name). It looks like they've changed the toppings, but I would guess they would still be wonderful.

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    1. re: a70wilson

      After eating there twice (first not too long after opening, and this past winter), I'm hard-pressed to recommend Pazo. Sure, it's a great place if you want to See and Be Seen, but the tapas are quite disappointing.

      The menu is definitely veering away from tapas and more towards entree plates. If tapas are your interest then Tapas Teatro on Charles Street or Jaleo in DC are your better bets.

      1. re: onocoffee

        I totally agree onocoffee. We've also eaten there twice, once not long after they opened and once a few weeks ago (with the new menu). The first time we were not impressed - my husband's lamb was overcooked and we felt like it was more about the scene rather than the food.
        But we decided to give it another try. The second visit was ok - no real misses, but we just didn't feel that the food lived up to the hype and was not a good value for the $. I really wanted to like it...I like Petit Louis and dine there a few times a year.

        Tapas Teatro has always been our go-to place for tapas (they seemed to go a bit downhill there for a while there but we've been really impressed the past few times we've been - they seem to be back on track)

        I'll be interested in hearing how the OP makes out at Pazo - Happy Anniversary.

        1. re: sistereurope

          I've only gone to Pazo twice. There's just better food out there, frankly, and the scene so does not do it for me.

          My "go-to" place for small plates is Kali's Mezze. The food is top-notch, though I've had host issues on busy nights. Their lamb chops are broiled perfectly, and the taramosalata and tzatziki are among the best I've ever had. The zucchini fritters also rock.

          1. re: venera

            I agree with that. It's on my small list of standards. It's not always perfect, but it's always good, and while I've had a couple things that just didn't work, it was never the fault of the food quality or the preparation.

            1. re: venera

              Mezze is one of my favorites. Great vegetable dishes, too, like the beet salad or the lima beans.

            2. re: sistereurope

              I've been to Pazo twice in the last two weeks, and I have nothing but great things to say. The first time was with a vegetarian friend, and we had the smoky eggplant dip, mixed olives, white gazpacho, rosemary fougasse, arugula-pear-almond salad, roasted mushrooms, and the eggplant-tomato "gnocchi". Everything was outstanding.

              Last Friday I took a foodie friend who is used to NYC restaurants. She was bowled over! We did the Sicilian table for 2, which was an amazing amount of food for $69. Everything was delicious.

              If you're not into "the scene," eat early. And I prefer to sit downstairs, where the kitchen/action is. If you are unhappy about anything, be sure to speak up. Tony Foreman's crew will do backbends to make things right.

              As a very recent diner, I found nothing to be disappointing. I'd head there again in a heartbeat.

              1. re: PaulaG

                Well, we went on Thursday and is was just OK. Our waitress was great and the service all done efficiently and unobtrusively. Plus, they gave us a great booth for our anniversary instead of shoving a 2 into a small spot. Oh, and the facility itself was beautiful, tasteful, and very busy in a trendy way...good people viewing. If you notice, I have not focused on the food because it was just OK. Nothing was horrible, but nothing was outstanding except the items that came from their on-site baker. We shared 4 tapas (calamari, shrimp, tuna, and eggplant...1 small plate (pork loin w/ roasted vegs), and the grilled Bronzini (entree/$35). We agreed that everything we tasted we have had prepared better at other places many times over and portions were small, even for the tapas and most of the food was not served hot enough and in 1 or 2 cases it was lukewarm at best. We loved the bread we ordered and our deserts (expresso ice cream, sponge cake w/ lemon ice and fresh cherries) but we basically were underwelmed considering a $150 tab before tip with 2 cocktails and 2 glasses of wine. And one more huge pet peeve of mine....why can't a nice and upscale restaurant serve a decent cocktails....a Dewars on the rocks came in a glass that was so small....we bothed laughed at it. My take on the whole experience of Pazo is it is all about the scene...not the food...lot's of groups of trendy gal's celebrating over dinner and lot's of expense accounts. But where are the foodies????....eating at better places that we know can make dining out an experience focused on making our mouths water with anticipation. Are we going to Pazo again....nope.

          2. re: a70wilson

            The pizza flour you speak of is "00" (double zero) flour, or doppio zero in Italian.

            The finer the flour, the lower the number. 00 makes amazingly flaky pastries, not just great pasta and pizza dough.

            1. re: venera

              it's actually capoto flour, they import it from Nepals. Piazzas are out of this world though. I agree that the food may not win any awards but you've got to give the place credit, it's extremely busy on Friday and Sat, they take care of like 600-700 diners and supposedly that doesn't include bar guest. I love to grab a couple drinks and 2 pizzas while sitting in the lounge. And PaulaG is right, the management and staff practically give things away, the wine list can be intimidating but the staff is pretty knowledgable and if they don't know, they'll send over the wine steward to help. They are different types of dinners, there are foodies that don't care about anything but food, then the dinners that what the total package. Pazo may not be my favorite fine dining exp, but for an upscale casual, it's hard to beat.