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Jun 19, 2007 10:10 AM

Dinner & Drinks near E. 4th & 2nd Ave?

I'm going to a play in the neighborhood. I'd like to have dinner before the play & drinks after. Any cuisine is fine. I'd prefer the entrees to be under $20. Thanks!

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  1. Itzocan (9th St. and 1st Ave) is my favorite Mexican in the city. Either of the Momofuku restaurants is a good choice (but you may have to wait for a table). Cuscina de Pesce right at 4th and 2nd is a good value and food is good.

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      I had a very good meal with a friend and Itzocan a couple of weeks ago, but I've never liked Cucina di Pesce.

      Little Cupcake, if it's not too late (which it probably is), I'd also suggest Soba Koh on 5th St. just east of 2nd Av.

    2. cacio e vino on 4-5th street and 2nd ave

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        we ate there last night. wandered in after a movie in the neighborhood. really enjoyed it. the waitstaff was a tad awkward but sincere. ordered a prosecco and it was a huge glass filled to the rim. we had codfish croquettes and a grilled calamari app...both were good but both needed salt. an arugula, pear and pecorino salad that was lovely and shared a pasta of fresh homemade spaghetti with green onions and peas. it was easygoing and a nice dinner without breaking the bank (i think with 3 drinks it was about $73. pre-tip.)

        1. If you like Indian, Brick Lane Curry House on East 6th near 2nd.

          1. Just want to say a belated thanks to all who replied. I ended up eating at Cacio e Vino. The food was yummy and the waitstaff was very nice.

            I'm definitely going to try the other suggestions.... :-)