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Jun 19, 2007 09:52 AM

Egg Cream Recipe [Split from St. Louis thread on Midwest Board]

Milk, Seltzer and Chocolate syrup. * 1/2- 1 cup cold whole milk in a glass, add seltzer (high pressure is better) until it's foamy and the glass is almost full, gently stir in 2 T good chocolate syrup. You don't want to lose the head. *

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  1. Milk...THEN dissolves better...then the seltzer stirring as you pour it in to create a nice foamy head....that's how I was taught in Brooklyn!
    PS look for Fox's UBET chocolate syrup for that New York taste!


      As ChowFun states, go for U-bet.

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        Syrup first if you want the sight of chocolate on the bottom of the glass...if you don''s milk first and then syrup....this is how I was taught when i was a soda jerk at the Lido Beach Hotel on L.I. years's your choice!