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Jun 19, 2007 09:48 AM

Dissappointed at K-paul....

I recently had dinner at K-Paul and I was really hoping for a wonderful time. I ordered the spinich salad and the Drum fish for the entree because they were not serving the Redfish. The salad was loaded with dressing and very salty from a chipoltle spice seasoning. It was not good. The fish was well prepared and very nice. It was the only course I really enjoyed. I ordered the breadpudding for dessert and it was probably the worst I've ever had. I received several pieces of breadpudding instead of a whole piece. I was really dissappointed. The whiskey topping was crumbly and hard but it had a nice taste. Order the breadpudding at Mr. B's. and skip dessert at K-Paul.

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  1. I had a very dissappointing experiences at K paul and Commander's Palace. I too thought that Paul was too heavy with the salt shaker (and I like salty).

    Thought the service at Commanders was mixed....innattentive main services but the water/butter/crumb guys were like a nascar pit crew. Food was okay, not great.