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Jun 19, 2007 09:47 AM

Fun Spot for Lunch in Waterbury?

Hi - I will be attending an all day seminar at the Marriott on Grand Street in Waterbury and will be on my own for lunch. Looking for something fun (ethnic a plus) that I could walk to.

Any guidance would be appreciated. I'm not really familiar with the city.


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  1. I'd walk west on Grand Street, then right onto Leavenworth til I got to Drescher's. Okay food in a great old interior. Or you could stop on Grand Street at John Bale Books for a sandwich and a quick read. Or if you'd like a longer walk, go west on Grand, right on Leavenworth to the town green, across the green and left on West Main St. to the corner of Willow, where La Cazuela restaurant reigns over a very busy intersection with Puerto Rican and other Latin fare. Just down the street from there, toward the train station, is a Peruvian restaurant.

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      Sounds like Willow and West Main is the place to be! Can I walk there and back in an hour? (I walk fast...)

    2. Last time I was in Waterbury I spotted a new West Indian place by the green, I haven't tried it yet.

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        Ooooh, that sounds good, too! I could go for some conch fritters and a Ting! Maybe I'll have to get dinner to go on my way home. Thanks so much.