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Jun 19, 2007 09:35 AM

Lobster (live) close to 128 - tonight

I need to pick up live lobsters on the way home tonight - any suggestions between Peabody and rt 2? Don't have a good place since fresh pond seafood closed.



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  1. I've found that the Market Basket seems to always have lobsters at reasonable prices. And because of that they have a high turnover and they're always fresh. Enjoy.

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      second the MB recc. got some Sunday, $8/#, very alive, hard shell, yummy.

    2. Some folks were discussing Fish House Seafood and Restaurant in Burlington the other day....sounds pretty decent and is on 3A ~1.5 miles off of 128. It is a fish market as well as a restaurant.

      Here is a map:

      and the earlier thread