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Jun 19, 2007 09:32 AM

Pizza Peel

I went to Consiglio's on St Clair W, only to find they don't carry pizza peels. Can anyone point me to a store that sells wooden and metal pizza peels? I'm thinking Nikolau on Queen. Somewhere central and north of bloor would be welcome.


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  1. Got mine at Tap Phong cheap cheap cheap. They had several different sizes. While I like Nikolau I fine it expensive.

    1. I'm guessing Nella Cucina on Bathurst just north of Bloor would have them, but I'm with Mila, Tap Phong will likely be waaay cheaper.

        1. I second tap phong the wooden ones are $12.99, but they looks like they are made out of a light wood like pine, if you want one a bit higher quality/weight cook's place on the danforth by chester has them for $25-30.