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Pizza Peel

  • mikeb Jun 19, 2007 09:32 AM
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I went to Consiglio's on St Clair W, only to find they don't carry pizza peels. Can anyone point me to a store that sells wooden and metal pizza peels? I'm thinking Nikolau on Queen. Somewhere central and north of bloor would be welcome.


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  1. Got mine at Tap Phong cheap cheap cheap. They had several different sizes. While I like Nikolau I fine it expensive.

    1. I'm guessing Nella Cucina on Bathurst just north of Bloor would have them, but I'm with Mila, Tap Phong will likely be waaay cheaper.

      1. Try the Nella cutlery store.



        1. I second tap phong the wooden ones are $12.99, but they looks like they are made out of a light wood like pine, if you want one a bit higher quality/weight cook's place on the danforth by chester has them for $25-30.