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Jun 19, 2007 09:11 AM

tofu bowl/korean

i just moved back to chicago from LA and im feeling a rather intense withdrawal from one of my favorite food there - tofu bowl! im looking for something like they serve at bcd tofu house if anyone is familiar with that restaurant. im not sure what the korean name is - maybe Soon Doo Boo? also i am a vegetarian, so vegi leaning korean places would be good too. any help is greatly appreciated. thanks!

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  1. You are looking for Soon Doo Bu Jigae.

    It's not as good as BCD, but it *is* their specialty, and they are considered to be the best in town:

    So Gong Dong Tofu House
    3307 W. Bryn Mawr

    You can review the menu at MenuPages.


    1. Another place that specialized in soon doobu tofu is Cho Dang Tofu in Mt Prospect. Smaller selection than BCD, but the quality is pretty good. They do a good job with the rice 90% of the time, with just enough crispy bits on the bottom to scrape off.

      They have a one bowl with just kimchi, no meat which would be good for you. They also ask you how spicy you like it when you order. We usually go "putoong" or standard style.

      1749 W. Algonquin Rd
      Mt Prospect

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        There is also a Cho Dang in Naperville. Had lunch there last week for an excellent lunch. I had the beef with Tofu, but they had several vegatarian options. There is a decent Gelato cafe next to the Naperville location too.