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Jun 19, 2007 08:40 AM

Lobster in Toronto

Hi, I'm taking my girlfriend out for her birthday and was wondering where I can get some good lobster. It can be expensive, but I'd prefer if it wasn't the kind of expensive where you get a tiny piece of food that's presented all pretty/etc.

Bonus: This may not be available, but is there anywhere that offers lobster in both an oriental style, and a non-oriental (mediterianian/etc)? If not, I'm looking for non-oriental as I believe that would be her preference :)

Anything interesting like garlic lobster. etc? Plain lobster dipped in butter is kind of boring to me (although she does like it, so suggestions for it are welcome as well)


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  1. Hi rohan25,

    I had a very good lobster dish, Fricasée Nova Scotia Lobster, at Scaramouche recently. It is non-oriental . The lobster comes in a small pot with a very tasty & rich sauce, the side comes on another plate. Very nice ! Remember to get the window seat during reservation if you decided to go there, it is a BIG plus.

    1. Lobster Royale at Yonge and Steeles has lobster dinners and a la carte - The dinners allow you to order an entire lobster and the dinner comes with soup (lobster bisque is great) salad and a side - and you get garlic bread which is amazing - however if you don't want the plain lobster dipped in butter than it might not be a good choice. Warning: the decor at Lobster Royale is pretty cheesy with fake lobsters and lobster traps on the wall. Wah Sing on Baldwin street use to have a buy one, get the second half lobster deal (I'm pretty sure they still have it) and you can get your lobsters done in different ways (with black bean is yummy). Hope you enjoy your dinner wherever you end up.

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        Scaramouche does have a great lobster dish but doesn't sound like what Rohan had in mind in that it is expensive, smallish portions and beautiful presentation. From what you are describing I would recommend Wah Sing on Baldwin Street...they have great lobster and good value. You can order either in black bean sauce or a lemon ginger...both are wonderful.

        1. re: millygirl

          But the lobster dish at Scaramouche is not a small dish, not hugh but it is the right size.

          One appertizer+one main course in there is almost full, at least for everyone in our table, I have to stretch myself to eat the dessert !

      2. Try The Lobster Trap on Avenue Rd just north of Lawrence. It's been a while since we've been there but I remember the lobsters were yummy! Portion size were pretty good. Check them out at

        1. Hey Rohan,

          A little more romantic option may be Starfish on Adelaide at Jarvis. One of the best seafood spots in the city, and they have amazing oyster selections (shucked by the guiness world champ to boot). I have never been let down by the food there and they usually have full lobster on the menu -

          1. Lobstertrap offers the best deal. Live lobsters stare back at you at the entrance way to greet. They offer lobsters done in many different ways; their Lobster Newberg ( a concoction of cream and lobster chunk) is Super rich, but delicious nontheless. Wine is well priced too.
            House of Chan has really fabulous lobster chinese style (drizzled with ginger and green onion and garlic, o wholesome goodness) but they also have traditional boiled and steamed option.
            note, both places are not exactly "romantic". you wrap napkins arund your neck and get down and dirty. But very good lobsters.

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            1. re: happycamper

              I had the lobster fricasee at Scaramouche last week, and it is good, but not a full lobster, just so rich that you could not eat more.
              Wouldn't be my first choice.
              Maybe I am being overly critical, but I think that Lobster Trap sometimes "cheats" on weight.


              1. re: erly

                Hi erly,

                So what is your first choice for lobster in a non-oriental restaurant ?

                1. re: skylineR33

                  I can't be much help, as we usually head for a Chinese restaurant, or make it at home.
                  Last year we were taken to Barclay's on Lawrence as guests.
                  Typical steak house which we usually avoid, and to my surprise, the lobster was almost 2 pounds, and very sweet.
                  Would never recommend it because we may have hit an "on" day.
                  Does anyone know if Bill's is still around, as they made a pretty good lobster?