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I need a DC local favorite

I will be in DC this weekend, and I need a local favorite - not fine dining, not dining at all. I am thinking about an out-of-the-way diner or pizza place...something that I can only find in DC with a unique atmosphere.


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        1. re: 4X4

          I concur on Ben's in particular. Get a shake too.

          2 Amy's pizza is not to be missed, too, but not as unique as Ben's.

          If you want a pub, and are near Dupont Circle, try the Childe Harold. Food is not super, but the pints are! Hell you could go for the selection instead to the Brickskeller. 400 beers.


          1. re: Pool Boy

            Oh, but the burgers at Childe Harold are super!

            1. re: gina

              Oh yes, I will agree with you there. Their burgers are very good. Shame on me!


          1. I second 2 Amy's and Ben's, and I'll add Colorado Kitchen and Market Inn.

            1. For a diner, there's Waffle Shop, but not for long.

              For pizza, there's Restaurant AV, also not for long. They're gone in July.

              Under "not fine dining" there's Horace & Dickies.

              I'll fourth Ben's for chili halfsmokes and chilicheese fries.

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              1. re: monkeyrotica

                Dukem for Ethiopian food, which is ubiquitous in DC. Ben's Chili Bowl for the history as much as the halfsmokes.

              2. CF Folks in Dupont Circle. But its only open for lunch Monday-Friday...about 11:30-2:30. The food is awesome..the menu specials change everyday and you can check them out at www.cffolksrestaurant.com

                Plus they have the best crab cake sandwich in town. Totally unexpected, delicious food out of such a small joint. Plus the owner is a riot!

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                1. re: Elyssa

                  Wow, that's right next to my workplace. How have I not been there yet?

                  1. re: maralenenok

                    If you're feeling flush, go ahead and get the peach cobbler when it's in season.

                    1. re: maralenenok

                      Oh go as soon as possible! It's incredible. And try their daily specials as well...on Fridays the chicken with olives is particularly good. You'll be impressed by what comes out of such an unexpecting spot.

                  2. For something that is truly a DC Institution - it's got to be Ben's Chili Bowl. Get the half smoke with chili sauce and an order of cheese fries and you'll be good to go. YUM.

                    1. Soul Vegetarian, across from Howard University on Georgia Ave. It's all Vegan and all Soul.

                      1. I second the recs for 2 Amy's, Ben's Chili Bowl and Ethiopain. the sunday Brunch at Georgia Brown's is also very unique.

                        Better yet, try the Drag Queen brunch at Perry's in Adams Morgan. The food is average but the entertainment can't be beat. I took my father and teenage brother when they visited last summer and they thought it was a hoot :-)