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Jun 19, 2007 08:16 AM

OPEN Rome Restaurants in August

I see there are a lot of people on the board with worries about the closures. Well if I was in Rome for more than three days, I probably would worry more. But since there are still lots of lovely places to eat - hopefully all will be well. I have pretty much found that by researching this in advance, we will still be able to eat at restaurants that sound great to us, but maybe aren't at the top of our list. I mean hey, they need holidays too!

Here are the closed restaurants (or so they said - I suppose anything is possible, but this is Rome) Unfortunately, many of the very traditional restaurants are closed...also hence why they are closed...they are traditional restaurants run by mom and pop...ok not many of these are like that but the idea is the same:

Armando Al Pantheon
Agata e Romeo
Sora Lella
La Pergola
Il Gabriello
Camponeschi closed 12-19 (decided to rule this one out anyways)
Al Bric
Sora lella open until August 11
Ditirambo open until August 10, not open again until September 3
Dino and Tony's (this made me sad)
Checchino dal 1887 (this me even more sad)
Settembrini (closes August 4)

Open Restaurants (we are there the 11-14):
Il Fico - will probably go for Sunday dinner
Checco e Carettiere - always open!!
Convivio Troiani – closed sundays - we will probably go for our last dinner in Italy here!!
Obika - will probably go for Sunday brunch.
Forno at Campo di Fiori, appears to be always open on their website.
Giolitti's also appears to be always open on their website.
Al Presidente - closed from the 13th. Although I have heard very mixed reviews of this one, it is close to where we are staying, so it might be an option when we arrive.

Volpetti the gourmet shop in via Marmorata is also supposed to be open in August. We could pick-up a simple panino or cheese etc. (Thanks mb!)

I am also hoping that Sant'Eustachio, Tazza Doro, and I Tre Scalini will be open.

I am still wondering about Casa Bleve.

I'll keep you posted for those that are interested!

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  1. I have reservations at La Pergola on August 2, so I hope your information is incorrect!

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    1. re: mickeyj

      Apologies, they are closed on the day we would have like to gone - August 13. They are open until the 12th. Thank you for the correction!! Here is the email they sent me.
      Thank you for your request of a reservation at our restaurant.

      We regret to inform you that "La Pergola" will be closed for a summer break from August 12 to 27, 2007 included.

      While thanking you for your request, we extend our best regards.

      Loes van Velzen

      1. re: hornvixen

        Thank you for setting out the list. While we only have 3 August nights to book (one of which is La Pergola), it is helpful to have the list.

        Do you know whether the wine bar Cavour 313 closes in August?

        1. re: mickeyj

          I have been wondering that too! I will try and find out.

          1. re: hornvixen

            I absolutely cannot get anyone on the phone at Cavour 313, I will keep trying as I have essentially free long distance. I figure it is easier to call now, than to schlepp myself and my husband across any distance if we are tired and hungry...only to find out that a place is closed!

            Here are a few other wine bars I have found to be open in August (if even a little):
            Trimani Wine Bar - Closed August 10 - 26
            Gusto - open ALL of August. We might wander into the wine bar, as it is close to where we are staying.
            Cul de Sac - SI aperto!!!!!

    2. I can't say what's open and not, since I travel exclusively NOV-March. Still:

      Checco e Carettiere - I ate well here, and in their cheaper next door place.

      Convivio Troiani – expensive and worth it. Esp. the wine steward -- one of the brothers who own it. He knows his stuff.

      Giolitti's -- the Holy Grail of ice cream. And what ice cream merchant isn't open in August?

      Sant'Eustachio, Try the Grand Caffe. If you don't want sugar, tell the barman. Otherwise it's automatic. Across the street is another place that's less crowded and for regular espresso just as good.

      Tazza D'Oro, the Holy Grail of coffee.

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      1. re: Sid Cundiff

        I also have found out that Enoteca Ferrarra is open, and Pizza Re, but those will likely be back-ups for other we want a glass of wine and are in the area, or decide we need some pizza last minute. I don't know much about Enoteca Ferrara's food, except that it sounds like a creative take on Roman dishes. It is recommended in many books, seems to have an interesting history (tied to Ferrara's pastries of NYC - I could be mistaken), and a huge cellar. Go to see and be seen, is what I am sensing a little bit. Which is fine - but we are there only a few days. I am already thinking about next time, and just renting an apartment for a month!

        I can't wait for Giolitti's, Tazza D'Oro, and Sant'Eustachio. But I guess I will have to! There are others I can't wait for either, but my last trip to Rome was short, and sadly I didn't make it to these. Two weeks until we leave, and then three weeks until Rome.

        Thanks Sid!! Your recommendations and others, on previous posts, have helped me with our Roman eats.

        1. re: hornvixen

          We had dinner at Enoteca Ferrarra last summer and found it to be very over rated. The food left a lot to be desired. The wine bar upstairs was fun with great bar snacks so we thought the dinner would follow suit. Boy were we wrong! This was the worst meal we have every eaten in Rome and we do consider ourselves foodies. Do yourself a favor and try Quincy and Gabrileli or Camponeschi for upscale dining. We will be in Rome next Saturday for 5 days and plan on trying new restaurants that have been touted on this board, and I will report back when we return....Any suggestions would be appreciated.

          1. re: hornvixen

            I have a contrarian's view about Giolitti. I don't think the gelato is worth dealing with the crowds. The gelato isn't bad; I'll leave that distinction to Della Palma near the Piazza della Rotonda. I just think that Cremeria Montefiore (also near the Pantheon) and San Crispino (near the Trevi Fountain) are superior.

            1. re: Indy 67

              Thanks - I had almost forgotten to enter in Della Palma in the list. I will have to try a different flavour at San Crispino this time..and although I have eaten many, many gelati elsewhere in Italy, and a few others - the honey flavour here, was dull, and lackluster..not subtle...but just dull... I try to avoid the "mix" gelati...and San Crispino was better than that. But I will try another flavour this next time, too bad that I picked a dull flavour! It was a big let down at the time....I kept dragging my travel partner onwards to San Crispino...although she saw others she wanted to try within a 100m radius. Luckily, she doesn't hold a grudge!

              One of my favourite flavours is riso, or twist my arm and I'll have chocolate with chili pepper. It reminds me of Jacques Torres "Wicked" Hot Chocolate(nyc). Although, I'll settle for anything with Hazelnuts, it's a really tough life...haha. I probably should have tried a flavour similar to what I was already mostly eating, so that I would have had a baseline comparison. ie. always having pistacchio, or always having something with hazelnuts. In Florence, two of my favourite were Grom, and Carozze(any of their mousse to top things off!). While I technically did try Vivoli's...which I almost doesn't count because Vivoli was closed, and luckily the deli next door happened to have a few packed containers left! I have read a few others favourites at these Roman gelateria - I will have to pull up the old gelati post. Thanks again though!

              1. re: hornvixen

                You and I would have fun doing a gelato tour since my go-to choices are all the nut flavors: pistachio, hazelnut, and pignoli. (I usually only find pinolata at my favorite gelateria in Arezzo, Il Gelato.) I'll occasionally order stracciatella for variety or chocolate if it looks appropriately dark and, hopefully, not sweet.

                I know I ordered the Armagnac flavor gelato at San Crispino, although I can't swear I completely ignored the nut possibilities.

                I'm now feeling responsible that you're going to visit Della Palma at my suggestion, and I just want to make sure you understand it's not one of my favorites! I think the variety is overwhelming! I think visually it's a fun place to visit to read the names of the many flavors. However, I think the gelato isn't up to the standards of some of the better places in Rome.

                1. re: Indy 67

                  We really liked both a flavor that had some meringue mixed in and another, zabaglione, at San Crispino.