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Jun 19, 2007 08:14 AM

Breakfast in DC. Where are you?

While reading through the great post about Breadline, which I will agree with, I noticed we are lacking one thing. A really good Greek family, greasy spoon diner. Some of you may argue The Diner. But I'm wondering why there aren't 24 hour breakfast diners on almost every street corner circa NYC and Chicago.

After a long night of drinking, I throughouly enjoy a soggy piece of toast, a runny omlet, and a stiff cup of coffee. The only place I've found is the Tastee Diner in Silver Spring and IHOP in Arlington (ugh). Both too far for me in Logan but willing to travel for the right crappy meal.

Why DC, why are you lacking in the breakfast arena?

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. If you're willing to go to Arlington, you should give Bob & Edith's on Columbia Pike a try. It's certainly not gourmet, but it's definitely classic diner food and it's open 24 hrs! Unfortunately, that might be too far for you, but it's definitely better than IHOP. In DC, I think you're stuck with The's the only 24-hour joint I can think of there. Wish I could help more, though...

      1. There's a place a couple stores up from Dan the Man's Teriyaki and Subs on 9th Street that had an Open 24 Hours sign in the window. Never been in though.

        Until the 1950, there were several diners downtown along NY Avenue and Bladensburg Road, but they all folded with the arrival of fastfood. Like it or not, fastfood is the new diner.

        There's also the demographic shift. All-night diners were driven by evening shift workers and cab drivers. Those cabbies don't eat toast and eggs, they eat falafel, hummus, and kebabs. Hence the Kebab Palace in Crystal City being open 24 hours.

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          DC is mainly a white collar town, fast paced and breakfast is not normally a meal that they eat out unless you are talking about a "power breakfast" in which case it is at a fancy restaurant, usually in one of the major hotels. Otherwise, the coffee places do a booming business in lattes and bagels/scones. Nothing better than a latte and scone from Firehook.

        2. I think Kramer's at 19th and Q is open all night on the weekend, so is Annie's Steak House on 17th St.

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          1. re: nplo

            Unfortunately you'd have to eat at...Kramers or Annie's. I'd rather eat the leftovers from McDonalds than eat in either of those spots. Those spots give terrible a bad name.

            1. re: jpschust

              Second. Annie's is a meat market, and not in the good bloody-steak way. As for Kramers, from the "food" to the "service" I've had root canals that were more pleasant experiences.

              1. re: monkeyrotica

                I disagree. Annie's steaks are good. As far as meat market, you may be right about that late at night on a weekend, but certainly not during the week at normal dinner hours. The crowd there ain't what it used to be.

                1. re: nplo

                  I guess I need to go during the week, because I've been to Annies on 3 weekends and each time my medium-rare came back either raw or burnt.

                  And their burger is supposed to be really good, but they never have it when I'm around.

                  1. re: monkeyrotica

                    Thanks everyone. It sounds like I'm just out of luck. Good thing my building has a crappy deli in the basement that provides me with the bare minimums of breakfast to satisfy my hangover mon-fri. If anyone wants to open one - the perfect spot is in Pentagon City. Pentagon Row by Champs and Sine. I used to live above the mall and I was desperate for something. I guarentee an egg harbor or eggspectation would do a killing. I wish I had the gusto to open it.

                    1. re: jackcyn

                      Harris Teeter is open 24 hours in Pentagon Row. They should just lose the florist and put in a counter, a couple gas burners, and they'd have a mini diner serving breakfast with a captive audience and no competition.

                    2. re: monkeyrotica

                      sorry to hear that. I've always had pretty good luck there but don't go there much anymore so am not to up on their current cooking situation

            2. It's odd that there might be more out in VA than in DC - or maybe that's just what I know.

              Can the Tune Inn be nominated for the list? Doesn't it open for breakfast or is the breakfast only late night fare? I only go in the evening or into the night.

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              1. re: Dennis S

                We went to Plato's Diner in College Park, MD (Rte 1) on Father's Day -- all our breakfast's were excellent -- only downside were non-crunchy hash browns. My french toast was made from challah (they say made on site), hubby's steak and eggs very good, son's chipped beef properly salty and creamy. Also good coffee and diner atmosphere.

                1. re: Marissa

                  A Greek, 24-hour diner (the kind with the menu that has everything in the world) can be found in Rockville at the Broadway Diner on Rockville pike.

                  Also, Metro 29 Diner in Arlington (corner of Glebe Road and Lee Highway) fits this bill.

                  1. re: mnadel

                    Over by GW, downstairs from Lindy's Red Lion is Lindy's Bon Appetit, a carryout place that serves a nice greasy, inexpensive breakfast. Not sure how early they open, but not bad for $5....

                    around the 2000 block of I Street NW...

                    1. re: dwbengals

                      Up in Tenleytown, you've got yourself the Steak n' Egg