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Jun 19, 2007 07:35 AM

Hell's Kitchen -- June 18 show

So, Aaron's gone but didn't get booted, and we don't know what his mystery ailment is.

Julia, the Waffle House cook, really rose to the occasion, but that was her specialty. But she definitely showed her ability to lead. Putting her up for elimination just shows how scared the other gals are of anyone with the ability to get the job done.

Glad to see Joanna go. Couldn't tell the crab was off? I've smelled bad crab before. How do you *not* know something's wrong?

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  1. Not sure if I can make it through the whole season. The guys think they kicked butt last night, only because the rotten crab saved them. What a bunch of shoemakers!
    Gordon seems like he is ready to slit his wrists, and I feel the same way after last night.

    1. The Casting Producer must of been desperate this season!! Don't know where they got these Bozos but none of them can even cook let alone run a restaurant. Taking food out of the garbage??? She should of been let go immediately!! This is more like a Jerry Springer Hell's Kitchen.

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      1. re: cdesoto

        I think they intentionally chose contestants whose backgrounds left them unprepared for working in an upscale kitchen. There's a short order cook and an assistant sous chef and a cook in a nursing home and and a line cook and a nanny who does some personal cheffing.

        Come on. That would be like me trying to make it in a Gordon Ramsey kitchen.

        That way Gordon can do his schtick.

        None of these contestants can hold a candle to either TC or NFNS in terms of talent or experience and it was designed that way.

        And yes, it is pretty boring. What make TC (and for that matter Project Runway and certain others) interesting is when the contestants are talented. Otherwise it's just another Survivor or Big Brother.

      2. the format's tired, Ramsay's tired (and bored), contestants are unimpressive except for Julia and the whole thing is a snooze.

        and now a pr excercise for the army & navy.

        at this point, i'm wondering whether marco pierre white, who's supposedly taking over from ramsay next season, can bring something freash to it. esp. since he claims there won't be any yelling or crying, unless for joy.

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        1. re: nuxvomica

          Yeah they need to move on from risotto and wellington.

        2. The casting of Aaron really bothers me. With most reality shows, the contestants go through extensive medical screening. With Aaron having problems from day one (H and I think he may have narcolepsy), I have a hard time believing that they didn't realize something like this would happen. Which makes me think that he was intentionally cast to create medical/physical drama. Totally irresponsible and morally reprehensible, but it really shouldn't be surprise me since this is Fox.

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          1. re: Megiac

            One person on the HK message boards says Aaron is acting...I'm sorry, I think this is WAY beyond acting! Another person said she knows Aaron very well and he WAS sick - not before the show, but it started right at the beginning of the taping. I did notice a hoarseness to his voice in the last two episodes, and especially when he was talking to Ramsay on the phone.

            I was (almost) surprised but glad to see Jen put herself on the block, especially since she said she wasn't one of the ones voting to put Julia up there - just Melissa, Bonnie, and Joanna were. Pretty damn obvious they were jealous of the way she took charge @ breakfast and helped the guys out. I was completely icked out that Jen actually took the pasta from the garbage and rinsed it to re-use - you're on national TV!

            1. re: LindaWhit

              I was shocked by how much weight he had lost in just the first few episodes. When they cut from Ramsey on the phone with him to Ramsey spiking his chef's jacket, there was a substantial different in the roundness of his face.

            2. re: Megiac

              On the first episode of this season, I really did not care for the manner in which Ramsey glowered at Aaron's sweaty face and spat out the ad hominem statement ".. you're a REAL chunky monkey, aren't you..". The surgical precision of the delivery and the subsequent savor (by Ramsey) at Aaron's discomfort at the verbal sucker-punch was unpleasant to witness; though no doubt meant to be a slam on Aaron's weight, the sheer below-the-belt quality of calling another human a monkey (much less a *fat* monkey) seemed almost, well, racial (one really needed to see/hear the jibe, to appreciate its untoward hostility). I think Ramsey chose his words poorly and was not being racial, but calling to a frightened asian contestant a fat monkey was uncalled for, and may have significantly contributed to Aaron's attempts to shed poundage in an unhealthy manner...

              1. re: silence9

                While it surely was "sizist" (if that is in fact a word!), it wasn't racist. What, he's only allowed to insult white people? Equal means just that: he's going to insult & harrass everyone equally, the American way. =)
                By the way: calling someone a B & J flavor isn't the worst thing in the world, IMHO.
                Aaron has a host of physical & mental problems (diabetes/anxiety disorders/narcolepsy) and that's precisely why they picked him. Only 2-3 have any real talent or skill. Vinnie's bio says "Night Club Chef." I guess that translates as "Dive Bar Burger Flipper". He's there for his obnoxious attitude. Melissa's there for her looks, just like the one last year who was an undeserved finalist.
                It all comes down to ratings not abilities, the train wreck as others have posited. So it far more resembles Big Brother than TC or Project Runway.
                And yes, I'm sure the bad crab was a setup!

                1. re: Leonardo

                  As I stated, I don't think Ramsey was being racist, either. Growing up, I recall a kool-aid type drink mix that had a flavor called Chinese Cherry, with a cartoon charatcer cherry, whose face had asian features. Never had a problem with the cartoon; had a big problem with getting on the school bus and having dozens of 7 year-olds pulling their eyes into tight slits and chanting "Chineeese Cherrrry! at me"... And I don't think calling someone a gazelle, a lion, or a snake will raise the racist-raider. Calling *anybody* a MONKEY (of whatever flavor) is just plain bad judgement, in my opinion...

                  1. re: silence9

                    If the worst thing his did was to call someone a Chunky Monkey then they got off easy.

                    He's often quick to comment on the girth of 'stocky' male contestants. He how how ever has never done so to a female. So he clearly not racist...he's sexist.

                    1. re: Withnail42

                      He used to call Sara a fat cow in the last season. Gordon is simply misanthropic, rather than hating any specific subgroup of humanity.

                      1. re: youngho

                        Thank you Emily Post.

                        "But I'm sure facts won't change your mind." Not sure what to think of that remark. So I won't say anything.

                        I don't remember him calling her that. If he did then obviously I stand corrected.

                        FYI...the posting to which you so eloquently comment on was written 'tounge in cheek'. But I know these facts won't change your mind.

                  2. re: Leonardo

                    Monkey and racist overtones? See George Allen Jr. and macaca. Unintentional, didn't know the meaning..doesn't matter. One of Ramsey's (and the show's) big "bam moments" (a la Emeril) is the verbal take down. This sort of humiliation TV is the worse since it's really a S/M show.

              2. I'm a little surprised that Jen wasn't sent home. Letting something slip by, even something as bad as rancid crab, is an honest mistake. Re-using food from the garbage is just disgusting.
                I think Aaron should have been sent home a while ago. If not because he's a huge drag on his team, then just for his own health. He obviously suffers from some condition brought on by stress, which is what this show thrives on.

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                1. re: ajs228

                  I completely disagree, ajs! Jen exercised poor judgment in haste and in the moment. However, the food was never even plated, so in some ways it was no harm, no foul. She totally took responsibility for it and volunteered herself to be booted. Before that act, Jen seemed to be one of the better cooks. If she makes anything approaching a poor judgment call again, I'm sure she will go, but I think she deserved a second chance over Johanna, who time and again failed to get her dishes out, in whatever station she was put in. Plus, Johanna actually PLATED the rancid crab dish for service, which means she either has no sense of smell or was simply an idiot (like the guy who tried to serve the burnt wellington by "scraping off" the burned part, or the guy who served the raw chicken). Shellfish that has gone off has a distinctively foul odor and an even worse taste. If a chef can't tell something like that, I don't think they deserve to be in the kitchen.

                  1. re: DanaB

                    I agree with you Dana, and I'm no fan of Joanna, but Jen did try to plate the spaghetti. She was stopped by Julia, the one woman on the show who's consistantly shown sound judgement. Jen stepped up, which shows some sense of integrity, but doesn't excuse the poor judgement. Either Jen or Joanna could rightly have been sent home for their mistakes, but between the two, I'd have sent Jen packing.

                    1. re: ajs228

                      Just wanted to point out a detail: Jen put the "washed" spaghetti in the hot water, and then Julia made her throw it away, so she technically didn't try to "plate" it.

                      Either way, I'm totally with you on the fact that both Jen and Johanna made terrible errors/errors of judgment and I wouldn't want either cooking for me!

                      1. re: DanaB

                        Just thought of something. I wonder if they boiled fresh water, or used the water that the "washed" pasta had been in? Ugh.

                    2. re: DanaB

                      did anyone catch her licking the spoon?