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Jun 19, 2007 07:14 AM

One Sunset, anyone been?

Another food/bar/lounge just opened, has anyone been?

The menu looks pretty interesting, with some new-looking compositions and some interesting takes on the usual trend parade (miniburgers -->minireubens, mac and cheese-->m&c carbonara, beet/humboldt fog/pecans-->served with candied pistachio, mint, citrus)

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  1. I stumbled upon their opening last night. Sat at the bar, very comfy stools. Ordered the ahi carpaccio with green tea soba noodles and the szechuan sea scallops with potato parsnip pancakes. I found the noodles a bit salty for my taste, large visible pieces of sea salt on the top. The scallops were tasty but a bit tough. Each of these dishes and were approx. $16 and the menu plates are all set for sharing. Most other sharing plates range in $15-$25. I was on my own and found two plates to be enough but if you're very hungry, probably five plates for every two people to be about right.

    Service was exceptionally good, all the staff seemed to be taking the opening night jitters in stride as the place was hopping.

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      went to their soft opening last Friday - ate a ton. Table consensus: loved their scallops! loved the rubens! loved the Mac n' cheese! they have a seafood selection on ice which was ok - but we didn't think it was outstanding. They are very proud of their pizzettas...but they needn't be. The salads needed some work, and they know it - the owners came over and spoke about that with us. It's a sexy, fun loungy place to share food. Definitely a Sunset type of place - although the food seems better than most Sunset restaurants. The waitstaff was excellent, which was a joy, especially after a few new restaurants (ie THE FOUNDRY) disappointed in that category. I would return if I was having that kind of evening - but I wouldn't say it's a foodie spot.

    2. I went recently and was rather impressed with what One has to offer. How many times can you go to the Belmont or Parc with their miniscule dishes and they kick you out after 1½ hours (what’s that about?). The place looks great and the food is good, different and fun. "Erica's Badass Burgers," which are basically 2 tasty cheeseburger sliders with a side of onion rings and fries rocked the house as did the chicken oyster Rockefeller and warm buffalo chicken which were basically tasty chicken wings as little breast on a stick = yum. The jumbo shrimp cocktail was fresh and tasty and the mushroom and arugula, truffle pizza was tasty although the regular one was bland. Skip the Mac n Cheese and I was hoping for more from the potato pancakes. All in all I was very pleased and put it at the top of my list for a go-to place for good small plates and drinks. Fantastic for a date or boys/girls nights out. I’m putting it into my repertoire (Belmont, Lolas, Jones, One Sunset). The lounge was happening and it was worth sticking around the meal. While I wasn’t crazy about the hostesses, the wait staff was on point, the bartenders make a mean and stiff drink and the manager was eager to please.

      1. Valet only? Reservations recommended?

        1. In a word - HORRIBLE. not going to go into the it may cause me to throw something. Lets just saw the entire evening was comp'd.