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Jun 19, 2007 07:14 AM

Paris street food

When I was last there (ages ago) crepes were the only street food I remember being available. Now I hear something about Vietnamese food... Anything else to look for?


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  1. Sanwiches in good bakeries such as Le Grenier à pain, rue Paul Barruel or avenue d'Italie, BE bd de Courcelles, Pichard rue Cambronne, Moisan (rue ND de Lorette, avenue du général Leclerc, ect), Dumontel rue des Martyrs, la Boulangerie de Monge rue Monge, Kayser in rue Monge, rue du Commerce, avenue Poincaré, rue Glacière etc. are the typical Parisian street food. Good ingredients in good fresh bread, sometimes toasted or warmed.

    See also Cosi rue de Seine for freshly baked ones throughout the day (12 to 12) (nothing to do in terms of taste with the US chain, if it still exists). There are a number of fallafel advices on the board, starting with the place in rue des Rosiers, but I haven't tried it myself.

    Also, it may not feel very Parisian, but Baskin Robbins on the bd du Montparnasse used to make all sorts of delicious hotdogs. Used to take a long time to prepare, though.

    Among chains, I like Cosi, Bert's and Class'Croute.

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      Thanks, this all sounds great. How about vendors on the sidewalks? Are there any individuals who set up carts or kiosks to sell something special?

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        I second Cosi, their roastbeef sandwich (perfide albion) with roasted tomatoes and onions is fantastic, and so is their fresh bread- they have a free water fountain I believe

      2. There are no temporary food carts such as those in NYC. Besides sandwiches, one can get good falafels, Middle Eastern foods, sandwich Greque. There are many "Asian" take out places which none are any good.

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          Just pop into one of the wonderful bakeries and get a sandwich and some pastry. You may also find lunch offers that include a can of soda. A lot better IMO, since the food is usually stored at the appropriate temperature.

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            Indeed there are many mediocre "asian" caterers. I can recommend a good one, in the pedestrian part of the rue Cler, 26.

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              I saw some pictures showing take-away chocolate fodue. Is this something common in Paris? Where would be a good place to find such street food?

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                Some bakeries and restaurants have little windows that open onto the street for people to walk up and buy sandwiches, etc. but that's as close to street food as I've seen. People in France don't walk around the streets eating lunch the way Americans do- they sit down like civilized human beings. But the sandwiches are great if you're taking a picnic to a park.

            2. Well, to me, eating a crepe smeared with nutella on the street is probably as close to experiencing the culinary divine as I will ever get. That being said....

              I was there around New Year's, and coming up from the subway every night was a man shouting about his roasted chestnuts. I never bought any, but I loved hearing his call!

              If you go in some neighborhoods, you can get a sample of shawarma at about every store. I also liked the paninis. It was more like a little stall for you to sit (or lean) and eat, not chomp as you roam. And please do me a favor and drink an Orangina while you're there.

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                But don't forget to shake it first! (unlike Coca-Cola)

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                  And only over here can you get Orangina light, l buy it by the case in 1.5 liters

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                    Oh, goodness, I have to stay away from that... ;)

              2. we were there spring 2006 and we found some great food at the little bakeries, they even had lunch specials a sausage w/cheese and mustard prebaked in a french baggett w/drinks and chips or cookies for abot 6 or 7 E....we also loved the rue Cler street store front sausage lady, she had a little charcoal grill and sold them hot in the bun, there were 5-7 diff. kinds to choose from...also the different restaurants have great lunch/dinner (cheep eats) daily specials...we stayed in the rue Cler area and had a wounderful time there... : )

                1. When I was at the Sorbonne, there were a few places on rue de la Huchette (almost all the way to the Seine off the Place St. Michel) that had tasty gyros served on baguettes. I used to buy one and sit on the quay for lunch when it was sunny. Don't know if they still exist.