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Jun 19, 2007 07:13 AM

Need to find restaurant near 49th & Broadway for business dinner with 35 people. I have a budget around $120/pp.

I'm taking a group of fairly picky eaters out. I need help! A private room would be great but not necessary. thanks for your help.

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  1. steakhouses are always a good bet for picky eaters (unless they're picky vegetarians), and they tend to be able to accomodate a group your size with no problem. There's Ben Benson's on 51st or 52nd between 5-6, and you can certainly research some others.

    1. The term "picky" can have more than one meaning. In your case, is it that they are very particular about the quality of the cuisine, i.e., it must be superb? Or are these people with very narrow food preferences, i.e, steaks, traditional Italian, etc.?

      1. Bar American in the Equitable has a great upstairs room with a view of the restaurant. Great Bobby Flay cuisine...Also, a lovely and underrated place, Piano Due with beautiful environment and food. And if you're adventurous, try Amalia for innovative cooking in a see and be seen sorta place. No need to settle for a steakhouse.

        1. Milos. Excellent Greek fish place. And nice. The private upstairs room might accomadate that many.

          1. Milos is a good option. Definitely not a fan of Bar American - overpriced, overhyped comfort food. The Modern is great, Molyvos, another Greek place is good. You've got ton's of steakhouses in the area, China Grill, or you could check out an Italian place (ViceVersa, Etcetera Etcetera, Remi which has many private rooms).