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Kosher bakeries that ship?

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I am looking for good kosher cupcakes for my son's birthday party (the place we're having it requires food to be kosher). The kosher bakeries in Baltimore aren't that great. Any recommendations for a bakery that makes good cupcakes that also ships?

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  1. I don't think bakery cupcakes ship well, unfortunately. Whole Foods has pre-packaged cupcakes that are kosher, iirc.

    1. Butterflake in Teaneck ships. I don't love their cupcakes but my kids do. 201-836-3516

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        max and benny's in northbrook, il.


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          I do not think max and benny's is kosher -

        1. Have you ever tried Parisers in Baltimore? Not only do we love them, but my friend who is non Jewish but eats lacotse free almost cried after eatting treats from there a few weeks ago because they were so good and Parve! They are a MUST stop for us when we are in Baltimore!