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Jun 19, 2007 06:09 AM

Gertels is closing...

Just heard word that Gertel's is closing... tear~ :(

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  1. Kossar's is about all that's left from the old time shops.

    1. awww!!! no one else makes the big cookies!!!

      did they ever reopen the candy store next door to Gertels?

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        1. re: LoveKosherEats

          Gus' Pickle Shop is still there (name may be different) as of last year.

      1. i'll miss their apricot thumbprint cookies even though recently i got one that was going green (ugh), but moreover I'll miss their dreary presence. It's exciting to go into a drab and unfriendly place like that for the first time and come out with something delicious or just something you haven't tried before. It's not so exciting when a place is shiny and new and obvious and trying to please. Does every single square inch of Manhattan have to be spruced up so it all eventually looks the same?

        1. we asked when we were in there sunday (6/17) and they said they were moving to williamsburg and will be wholesale only.

          1. Check out this article in the 6/20/07 issue of the NY Post .....