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Jun 19, 2007 06:03 AM

NYC 'Hound Needs Help w/ Short List of TO Restaurants, please.

Greetings from New York. I'm usually on the Manhattan board, and am looking for a place for my husband to have a business lunch in Toronto this week. We've been to Splendido, Canoe and North 44 for dinner - but about 10 years ago. Another possibility that I came up with is George, which looks interesting. Looks like Opus and Celestin aren't open for lunch - nor are Splendido or North 44. There will be just two people, they don't mind travelling a bit from downtown - but maybe keep it south of Eglington (sp?)? (I went to school in Toronto so am pretty familiar w/ the geographics.)

So - is George a good idea? Any other suggestions for an excellent lunch in TO this week?


Oh - cost not an issue, any cuisine, it's a client lunch so he wants something "upscale".

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  1. I've heard great things about George and the newest buzz is all about Colborne Lane but I've not yet been to either of them becausse I usually save my dining out treats for when I visit Manhattan! Colborne Lane is not open for luch either, unfortunately. Other people here will have tons more suggestions for you.

    1. Canoe is probably the most spectacular place in town for a client lunch, though the menu at George certainly looks inviting. Another option is Bymark, which, like Canoe, will be filled with the Bay St. crowd.

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        Thanks - I'm wondering - it occurs to me that they will be more casually dressed - i.e., certainly not in suits - maybe in nice pants and dress shirt - will that be an issue at these places?

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          No problem with that, you can wear jeans there with a nice shirt.

      2. George is great--as you'll see on these boards, it has a gorgeous back patio if the client is open to that, atmosphere is professional but not stuffy and the service and food are always fantastic.

        1. I recently had a great dinner at Red's. They do cater to a business crowd, so I imagine they work hard to turn out a good lunch as well. Financial district resto, but I wouldn't worry about dress code. I showed up for dinner in jeans and there was no problem.

          Starfish is a little more casual (bistro-y enviro), but the food is excellent and it is downtown.

          1. George is great; you could also try JK Gardiner for lunch, or Jamie Kennedy's Wine Bar. Good luck!