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Jun 19, 2007 05:58 AM

Looking for small jars of honey

Anyone know where I can find small jars of honey in bulk to be used as wedding favors? By small, anywhere from 1 oz.-8oz. jars.

Have been looking everywhere with no luck!


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  1. I bought honeys and spice mixes from Blue Ribbon Market for favors at my wedding. They now sell the honeys online, but those are 12 oz and $12. I went to the store (14 Bedford St, near Downing) and spoke to Sasha who helped me get 140 small jars together and gave me a bit of a price break. I gave him about 1 months notice, which was no problem on their end.

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      Thanks for the tip. I called them previously and they did confirm that they only sold only 12 oz. jars - but I will follow-up again. Thanks!

    2. There is a vendor in USQ greenmarket that sells little jars of honey, they are also the ones who sell the jams so they should be hard to miss. If you spoke to them they might let you do a bulk order. Last time I went they had "NY Rooftop honey" which was delicious, and could be fun for your out-of-town guests (assuming they aren't freaked out).

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        I was also thinking the NY Rooftop honey would be perfect however the price they quoted me was prohibitive for multiple quantities - $15 for 8 oz. and $4 for 1.5 oz. I understand that they are a small, family owned business and I believe they had some problems with the bees this year which may have impacted the price, thus for this purpose I am looking for a less expensive alternative. But I agree, it's good stuff! Thanks.

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          There's a tall grey-haired vendor every other Sat. in Union Sq. He is much more reasonably priced. At his stall, he faces west and is located just downtown a few steps on the opposite side from Coffee Shop. He works with his wife, who is shorter.His honey is great and a fraction of Blue Ribbon's price.

        2. I think Murray's Cheese might have smaller jars - not 1oz, but smaller than 8oz.

          1. Two ideas, although I'm not positive about either of them. In Chelsea Market, there's a place that makes up gift baskets. Possibly you could get small jars of honey from them. And Essex Market has a fancy food stall that definitely sells jars of honey, but I'm not sure they'll be small enough for you.

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