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Jun 19, 2007 05:34 AM

b or Chameleon Cafe?

I am looking for a Baltimore restaurant that has a laid-back romantic feel with awesome food. I've been to b (bolton hill bistro) before and I love the atmosphere. But, I was not blown away by the food. I've heard great things about Chameleon Cafe, but I've never been there. Which should I choose? Or if not these two, any other suggestions?

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  1. Choose the Chameleon. I may give b a small edge on atmosphere but would give the Chameleon a bigger edge on food. Anyway, you've already been to b so try something new.

    1. I vote Chameleon Cafe, too. The cheapest, most down-home fine dining experience in Crabtown and they make their own pates and stuff.

      1. For me, the choice isn't even close: Chameleon. I liked the room much better at b (note to Chamelon: sponge painting??), but the food at Chameleon is better by a mile. Or two.

        1. yes, what everyone else is saying. CC is my pick.

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            thanks so much for the feedback! can't wait to try CC!