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Jun 19, 2007 05:28 AM

dinner in Portland

we're going to be in Portland for a few days next month and are looking for great food. It doesn't matter if it's fancy or walk-up window as long as it's good. Stuff that I've been suggested are Le Pigeon, Paley's Place, Higgin's, Wildwood and a couple of others that I don't have in front of me right now any pointers?

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  1. Not fancy, but super excellent and just got restaraunt of the year by the Oregonian is Pok Pok for thai. Not your traditional thai, but street food from the Cheng Mai region.

    I like Noble Rot which is a great wine bar with inexpensive dishes when peeps come to town.

    Also for pizza - Ken's Pizza and Appizza Scholl's are great. Ken's is wood-fired high end and Appizza Scholls say no more.

    And Pondah's for bbq.

    The one's you've listed are high end and good. But above are some other gems.

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      thanks for the rec on Pok Pok. we went for lunch and had the roasted game hen, the papaya salad with braised leg of pork, and the catfish cha ca"la vong". all were excellent. so was the Amarena gimlet. We also had terrific meals at Le Pigeon and Navarre, both of which I can highly reccommend. the Desserts at le Pigeon were outstanding, mixing sweet and savory elements in a dazzling balance. the Apricot corn bread with maple ice cream and bacon was a revelation of why I love bacon with pancakes in the morning and dragging the bacon through the syrup. the foie gras profiteroles with caramel sauce was also spectacular. the chefs at Navarre just executed everything they sent out of the kitchen with skill and style. thanks again

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        Sweet goodness! I have yet to try Le Pigeon. Always go without a reservation....I am kind of on the non-fancy end and if you are looking for others - bbq - Pondah's on NE 15 and Prescott. Of course Appiza Scholls and for Artisan pizza Ken's. Don't know if I already mentioned these, but in complining my favs its not always about high end, there are so many economical places that trend in PDX. Couldn't ask for a better food place to live. Glad you enjoyed pok pok. Its restaurant of the year now so I am on a quest for new places less hype as the party is over for me for a bit.

    2. Wildwood, Le Pigeon, Clyde Common, Toro Bravo, Country Cat, Andina, Park Kitchen, Hiroshi, etc

      Biwa, Apizza Scholls, Banh Cuon Tan Dinh, Bun Bo Hue, Pho Oregon, Podnah's, Pambiche, Bewon, Autentica, DF, La Calaca Comelona, Pok Pok, etc


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        extramsg, have you been to Toro Bravo yet, and if so can you tell us more?
        I have been looking forward to going...

        1. re: spabettie

          My top picks are park kitchen, le pigeon and alberta street oyster bar. enjoy!

        2. re: extramsg

          Are you liking Country Cat? I heard it got mixed reviews and seems awfully expensive for fried chicken. It does entice me since I live at the Academy theater weekly....but then I break down for yahala or flying pie. Maybe you can give me the scoop on what's worth the while there?

          Thanks msg!

          1. re: Cognac

            Yeah, I saw the Tribune didn't really like it. I heard they held back, too. I strongly disagree with their take. I've been there three times and each time there were REALLY good dishes. I think the Trib might be the only ones who haven't liked it so far.

            The fried chicken isn't my favorite of their dishes, but it's still good and better than most in town. Bernie's charges $15 and theirs isn't near as good. The Whole Hog and the duck are the best two dishes I've had so far. I've really liked the desserts so far, too. Don't ignore their bar snacks like housemade jerky.


            1. re: Cognac

              I really like the duck and the onion rings (OMG, the onion rings!) at Country Cat. I've also had a salmon special that was very, very good there. Haven't had the fried chicken, but there's a whole menu to explore...and some folks I know love their fried chicken.

              It's definitely worth a visit.

              They do brunch now, too... I gotta get back there.