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Jun 19, 2007 04:53 AM

Favorite Kimchi and Banchan?


who cares how you spell it, both are absolutely essential to all korean meals. What are your favorites of each?

I absolutely love love love chonggak kimchi in the winter time. It is a pain in the butt though waiting for it to ferment. I also love mul kimchi and yeolmulmul kimchi in the summer time

for banchan I like doraji (bellflower root) and pretty much every single spring mountain namul. I don't know the names of any of them, but most are bitter and "old fashioned."

do any of you make any unconventional or nontraditional kimchees or banchans? My mother's friend makes a really really good spicy papaya kimchee that is out of this world (sorry no recipe)

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  1. honestly i can't eat any kimchee but my mother's!

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      We discovered kimchi late in life (30-ish) and always got it from a single shop. Interestingly, no other kimchi ever comes close and most seem just awful compared to the perfect kimchi we've come to love. We now joke that hers is our mother kimchi and that like good children we will never think any other measures up.

    2. ...mmm

      love the lotus root, the sweet jerky like tofu, and pickled daikon
      bf loves the sweet cold potato....

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        "the sweet jerky like tofu" do you mean the fish cakes? Those look like "jerky like tofu" and they are sweet.

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          it's probably a fish cake now that you mention it. the exterior looks like fried yuba but it's chewier than tofu

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            Does it look something like this?

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              that may be it. the pieces were cut in narrow triangles and were only about 1/8" thick. i didn't notice the whitish fishcake center i see in the pic and there were no carrots but a couple bits of onion. the colour and skin texture look the same though.

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                The triangular cut fishcake is usually thinner than the other types, and has less of a "white" center. It's all good.

      2. Sweet & spicy squid strips
        seasoned spinach
        the lightly stir fried lilies
        sweet & spicy dried daikon strips
        seasoned garlic stems
        sweet potato stems
        soy pickled peppers
        the tied spring onions
        pa kimchi
        oi kimchi
        pickled sesame leaves

        1. I'm not sure there is a kimchi or panchan that I do NOT like.

          1. I love all kimchees - dongchimi, cucumber, kkak do gi, chonggak, etc etc.

            Gae jang (spicy raw crab)
            Hong uh hwae (marinated skate wing)

            and pretty much everything else :)

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              I love spicy raw crab and the one thats been marinated in soy sauce which isn't as common as the spicy version