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Jun 19, 2007 04:52 AM

New York Noodle Town - What to order?

Two people going for the first time - what should we order?

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  1. All the roast meats are very good. i like anything with flowering chives. salt shrimp. pretty much everything is good there...enjoy

    1. Roast duck mai fun is my #1 choice there, Wonton soup, and I second the flowering chive and salt baked shrimp too.

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        1. re: clashfan

          Shrimp dumpling noodle soup, salt baked soft shell crab or squid, roast pork or duck, shredded duck with flowering chives are all my favorites.

          1. re: jdf

            wonton noodle soup, vegetable dumplings in soup (you can add noodles if you'd like), sauteed pea shoots, roast meats (duck being the fav), salt baked shrimp, soy sauce chicken, i also like the soy sauce noodles with marinated pork. and singapore mai fun.

          2. re: clashfan

            Those noodles aren't worth losing a single dumpling over. Better to stick with the "Shrimp dumplings in soup".

            1. re: big o

              My memory might be playing tricks but doesn't Noodletown have two kinds of shrimp dumplings? Once I had ordered the shrimp dumplings in soup and another time, shrimp dumpling noodle soup and iirc, the dumplings were different. Unfortunately, I don't remember which was better but if I had to guess it's just plain-- shrimp dumplings in soup.

              1. re: bokkyo

                They have shrimp dumplings and shrimp wontons, and they're different from each other.

                Aside from the things that have already been recommended, I like the Ginger-Scallion Lo Mein. I think many of us have favorite soups. I prefer the Beef Muscle Shrimp Dumpling (or Wonton) noodle soup.

        2. Yes, all the roast meats are great - especially the roast baby pig. It's served sliced, at room temperature with an amazingly crisp skin! How they do that, I don't know!

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          1. re: cmarta

            There are two other restaurants very close to Noodledown that imo does crispy pig better-- Yummy Noodles in the arcade along the Bowery and Big Wang's @ corner Elizabeth/Bayard. Also try the Cantonese Chicken at BW.

            The problem with crispy pig is if you takeout the skin won't be as good when you get home. Which begs the question-- how could one proclaim that those two nearby restaurants does a better crispy pig than Noodletown??? ;)