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Jun 19, 2007 02:43 AM

Pintxo versus Zumaia versus Tapeo

Which and why?

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  1. Pintxo - more variety of tapas (or pintxo), different prices, lively decor, loud ambiance
    Zumaia - less variety, quiet/dark environment for date/romantic dinners
    Tapeo - never been unfortunately

    1. Tapeo has bigger portions and it's easier to share the plates. I also find their wine list better. But both are really good and about the same price (80$ for 2 people with 2 glasses of wine)

      1. What about food quality? I know that pintxos are supposed to be smaller than tapas, but when it comes to how the food actually tastes, which measures up.

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          At Pintxo i ordered 8 pintxo to try out and my companions went for the "Menu degustation" which includes 4 chef-chosen pintxo and a main plate. Salmon tartar, Garlic shrimps on roasted peppers, Scrambled eggs with cod were favorites. Quintet of grilled vegetables was meh. Lamb calf with couscous in the main plate was also well liked. I would go back to Pintxo to eat the rest of their menu.

          A month later we went to Zumaia which was closer to us. They also have a combo similar to Pintxo and we all chose the veal cheeks which were excellent. The 4 tapas that came with it were forgettable but not bad. Zumaia also has a chalkboard with "daily specials" so I would go back there only for a special that catches my eye.

        2. What are the dishes that define each restaurant and what about the wine list and service? And no one has really mentionned Tapeo. Is this because it isn't as popular/good?

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            Tapeo is my favorite restaurant. The service is great and the waiters always remember your wine preferences etc...even if you've been there only once. They have a good choice of wine by the glass. As for the food, wow! Try the tomatoes with goat cheese, garlic shrimps, snails...I could go on and on... For a dinner for 2, you can share about 5 or 6 tapas...They give you pommes frites when you come in with lots of great bread and an amazing olive oil... The place gets really crowded and you need to reserve a bit in advance

          2. Pintxo - very good but inconsistent. We went 3 or 4 times and loved it. Then hubby brought a visiting Spanish colleague and as luck would have it the food was mediocre. Very good service, warm atmosphere.

            Zumaia - tried only once recently and we were WOWED! We ate pintxos exclusively(no mains) and they were almost all excellent. The cod tapa (can't remember what it was called) was absolutely stellar, as were there mixes with foie gras and blood pudding. The service was beyond excellent--very important to me. Cool digs. Wine menu was good.

            Tapeo-haven't been....yet.