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Jun 18, 2007 10:17 PM

Your Recs Please. Fish for Lunch. A nice size filet or steak -- grilled.

I want a real piece of fish for lunch. A good size filet or steak grilled just me alone. I am done with buying into this dumpling and sushi idea of one fish feeds all. One fish cut into a thousand pieces and then mixed with 50 pounds of rice or pasta wrappers to feed the masses making the shop owner rich. I “don’t need all that rice or pasta.” At least that is what my Doctor told me. OK, he is correct, but the good news is that I can have the biggest steak (fish steak) that I can find. I like Fisherman's Outlet but would like to have more places to go for a good healthy meal at a reasonable price. Also, LA/OC is fine cuz true hounds will drive for good food. My Thanks,

Fisherman's Outlet Restaurant and Market (grilled fish and shrimp cocktail)
529 S Central Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90013-1714
(213) 627-7231
Cross Street: Fifth Street
Close at 5:00pm

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  1. I sure like the Fish Company in Los Alamitos. Maybe a little pricey, but certainly fresh and grilled over wood coals.

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      I love the Fish Company in Los Al. Always a crowd on Friday evenings, for good reason. Fresh fish, prepared the way you like it, tastes so good and it's good for you.

      Is there a franchise of California Fish Grill near you? I have been to the one in Anaheim Hills and Irvine. It's like the McDonald's of fish grilled fish, but it seems healthy enough, fast, and relatively cheap. My doctor told me I needed to eat more fish too, so I like stopping here for lunch

    2. Captain Kidds in Redondo Beach. Very informal just like Fisherman's Outlet--(picnic tables) with a nice ocean view. You can order off the menu or pick your fish from their fish market and they'll cook it anyway you want.

      Captain Kidds
      209 N Harbor Dr
      Redondo Beach, CA 90277
      (310) 372-7703

      1. Any of the 99 Ranch (or Tawa) supermarkets will fry up any filet/steak you buy from the fish monger. Heck, they'll even fry up an entire fish for your.

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          The OP is doing it for health reasons, do you really think fried will work?

          1. re: Diana

            I suppose if you don't eat the skin ... maybe.

        2. In Long Beach:
          Jimmy's Fish & Grill
          (562) 594-0605
          6563 South Pac Cst Highway
          Long Beach, CA 90802

          Also, obvious choice, Kings Pine Avenue Fish House.

          I think the Fish Company in Los Alamitos is overpriced and overrated.
          Last time I was there, the service was crappy and my fish was over cooked. Wouldn't be my first choice.

          1. How about the prepared-food counter at Fish King? You can get whatever you want -- even if it's not on the menu, you can buy the raw fish and they'll cook it for you as you like it, for a small charge. And if you've got to have a side dish, they have non-carbohydrate sides like quite good slaws, and grilled vegetables.

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              Bruddah's in Gardena

              Grilled butterfish, 7.50