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Jun 18, 2007 09:54 PM

Where to get cheap commercial cookware(used)?

a buddy of mine told me to look for restaurant closings in the area. i just moved into town not long ago so knowing the local joints will take time. anyone with any suggestions regarding getting used commercial cookware for cheap? Thank you.
by the way, i am in Worcester, Mass.

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  1. There are firms that specialize in liquidation auctions for when businesses fail/close. Typically the applicances will be sold one-by-one. THe pots and pans, however as sold as LOTS -- typically DOZENS of pans auctioned off together...

    You can ty and telephone some of the places that are lited under "liquidation auctions" and/or resturant equipment-used in your local Yellow pages, but don't expect this to be like a normal retail store. Most of these operations are cash only and they don;t deal in oneat time retail type sales.

    1. There is a restaurant supply place just off of Route 9 (the name escapes me). Very reasonable prices. Not sure if you can get anything used. They might know of some closings. I know they had used stoves when I went last year.

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        is it possible for you to come up with the name? would help greatly. thanks.

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          Sorry - I just heard they have since moved to Framingham.