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Jun 18, 2007 09:50 PM

Magnolia Bakery

Oh, and I forgot to mention that we also stopped into Magnolia Bakery on Sunday on our way back to the hotel to head to the airport. I'd walked past Magnolia about four times over the weekend, always with a line, and I wasn't going to leave the city without a damn cupcake! I had no idea what to expect. The line was well managed, but the patrons were a little overzealous, I think I saw the beginnings of a cat fight. And when some took the last vanilla with vanilla icing, a riot almost started. I was afraid that these babies were going to be $7 each, so I was very happy with the reasonable price of $2 each.

I got two. One vanilla with chocolate icing and one chocolate with blue vanilla icing. I carried those darn cupcakes on the train, the cab, through security, and finally while ensconced in JFK airport, I opened the box. O was expecting angels to sing. They didn't. One for me and one for my BF. He wanted the white one, I took the chocolate with vanilla icing.

WHOA! Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Can you get a brain freeze from something being so sweet. The cake was ok, not as moist as I like the cake to be. I did like the consistency of the icing alot, but it was just so sweet. I've had better cupcakes.

Now I can say I've been there, done that.

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  1. I really like Magnolia cupcakes but only the vanilla cake with vanilla icing. I do not like their chocolate cake or icing, at all. They are really sweet, but I love the consistency of the icing and the yummy vanilla flavor. My husband visits the city a few times a year on business and he alway brings us back a dozen or so cupcakes. We fight over them when he gets home.

    I may try out a Buttercup Bakery cupcake while I am in the city next week. I've been curious to try out their goods.

    1. Magnolia is the Emperor's new cupcakes. Not only are the cupcakes nothing special, but the staff there is beyond rude and unhelpful.

      1. i've tried Magnolia twice...thinking i just got a bad batch the first time. But both times, i took a bite, and threw it into the nearest garbage can. The cake was so dry. I read recently though, that some people actually prefer dry cake as opposed to moist cake. Maybe it's a regional preference?? since all of the cupcake places i've tried in NYC have had dry cake. I think in the south, Magnolia would be out of business within a day.

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          I hate dry cupcakes as well; it's pretty hard to keep cupcakes moist, though, due to their size, but I would have though Magnolia would be doing better than most since their stuff flies off the shelf. I've had dry, crumbly cupcakes at babycakes, Billy's, Crumbs, Amy's Bread, Cupcake's very hit or miss.

          'wichcraft does a great cream-filled chocolate cupcake that is never dry! Sugar Sweet Sunshine is usually moister than most. And whoever supplies Grey Dog with cupcakes gets it right, too.

          1. re: kathryn

            I'm so glad to see it wasn't just me! I thought the cake was very dry, and don't get all the hype and long lines. I could have done better with some Betty Crocker out of the box. But, at least I gave it a try.

        2. Beware of mediocre eateries with good publicists!

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          1. re: finisterra

            wasnt there some press recently where the owner sold it for a small price to a friend?

            i couldnt care less regardless...nothing spells tourist like waiting on that line.

            if i have some strange urge, id go to billy's in chelsea...

            1. re: sam1

              Interestingly, the line was short, less than five minutes. The guy behind me was chatting up everyone. He and I were the only folks in line who weren't locals.

              1. re: geg5150

                Yeah, I always like my cakes soft and I always thought I got the wrong batch in Magnolia. I like Sugar Sweet Something better that is around delancey street. I think these girls used to work in Magnolias, too

                1. re: geg5150

                  What can I say. We have more than our fair share of lemmings in NYC.

            2. Definitely not worth the line!

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              1. re: missy d

                So where is the best place for cupcakes?

                1. re: TheWinechick

                  I had a good cupcake experience at Billy's on 9th Ave. I don't eat sweet stuff, so it's all lost on me, but I brought a dozen of their cupcakes to a birthday party and they were devoured instantly to great acclaim. Might want to try there.